Cultural Explorations

Mesmerizing Micronesia


Palau is located between the Caroline, Marshall and Mariana islands, Indonesia and Guam, and its inhabitants are distant relatives of Malays, Melanesians and Polynesians. Stretching back some 4,000 years, their culture centres around a deep respect for the environment. Today just 20,000 people live in Palau, proud stewards of its many rich traditions.

Reverence is woven into the Palauan way of life, from the protection pledge all visitors are asked to sign to daily lives lived in harmony with land and sea. Omengull is the Palauan word for respect – for one another and for the incredible natural surroundings. From resilient communities to plant medicine, chants to oral histories, omengull is as much a part of this vibrant nation as the islands that make it home.