Hotel Overview

  • People mingling on sofas of outdoor terrace, overlooking sea and Abu Dhabi city
  • Baritone sax player and tuba player walk through Butcher & Still restaurant playing their instruments
  • People gather around Eclipse pool at night
  • View of the white marble lobby of Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island
  • A wide shot of a man and child walking around a triangular pool overlooking the water and Abu Dhabi skyscrapers in the background.
  • A room service attendant fluffing pillows on a freshly made bed
  • Two women working out on a treadmill and an eliptical in a large grey gym overlooking the Abu Dhabi skyline.
  • Pear Spa staff places copper bowl on table


  • Deluxe room plush white loveseat at foot of bed by sunny window with grey curtains, table and chair
    Deluxe Waterfront Room

    Unwind from a day of shopping, sightseeing or meetings in the cozy living area, complete with a sofa for two and a large, adjustable table for dining.

  • Premier Room

    Whether on the sofa or atop your customized Four Seasons bed, our largest guest rooms provide a stylish retreat for you to unwind after a busy day.

  • Deluxe Four Seasons Executive Suite living room with L-shaped white sofa, bench against bright window, dining table
    Premier Four Seasons Executive Suite

    Wood floors, elegant decor and separate living and dining rooms make these one- (or two) bedroom suites ideal for entertaining or travelling with family.

  • Deluxe Four Seasons Executive Suite large living room with L-shaped white sofa against large window, dining table
    Deluxe Four Seasons Executive Suite

    An abundance of natural light streams in the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout these spacious suites, which boast waterfront views and a dedicated work area that lets you take care of business.

  • Deluxe King Living Room
  • Deluxe King Bedroom
  • Marble Bathroom, Presidential Suite
  • Marble Bathroom, Royal Suite
  • Living Room, Royal Suite
  • Living Room, Presidential Suite
  • Premier Executive Suite Bedroom
  • Premier Executive Suite Bathroom


  • Looking into dimly-lit Al Capone at Butcher & Still dining room past glass wall from patio at dusk
    Butcher & Still
  • Three tall racks filled with fancy pastries and desserts in front of window, server carries tray to dining room
  • Server in blue suit walks through Cafe Milano dining room with elegant white dining tables, colourful art, framed black-and-white photos
    Cafe Milano
  • Server with tray walks through sunny Al Meylas Lounge near bakery counter with glass vases
    Al Meylas
  • Rooftop lounge with stylish black wicker armchairs, cushions, candles on tables, swimming pool, overlooking Arabian Gulf
    Eclipse Terrace Lounge
  • Back of server in uniform holding tray with champagne glass, shiny black-and-white checkered glass floors, walls
    Zsa Zsa
  • Various couples dine at Butcher & Still in the evening
    Butcher& Still Interior
  • Private Dining, Butcher & Still
  • Signature Drinks, Butcher & Still
  • A couple enjoys a drink in our signature cocktail bar Zsa Zsa
  • Smiling Butcher & Still bartender shakes cocktail behind bar, liquor display
    Bartender in Action
  • Chef Marshall Roth (on the right), and Sous Chef Pankaj Bisht, Butcher & Still
  • Smoke rolls off the decanter as a Four Seasons staff member pours bourbon into a coupe glass
    Craftsmanship in action, Butcher’s Bar


  • Woman stands at illuminated spa lobby reception desk in front of sunny windows
  • Spa massage table with rolled white leather pillow in front of vanity with sink, two windows
  • Woman holds taps of large round bathtub with tiles in dimly-lit spa room with wood room divider
  • Close-up of copper bowl with water, floating white flowers, small dishes with spa salts, oil and lemons
  • Raised bath with elaborate tile design in marble-and-tile spa room
  • Four spa beds side-by-side with reading lamps, green blankets and glasses, in front of white wall and sunny windows
  • A yellow glass chandelier hangs over the welcome desk, adorned with soft yellow light and a brown rug.
    Spa Lobby
  • Sodashi Products
  • Pear Spa staff places copper bowl on table
    Gold Quartz Bed
  • Several lounge chairs with large brown towels placed atop them in a stone room.
    Spa Relaxation Room
  • Pearl Spa side by side couples massage beds in treatment room with wood accent walls
    Couples Treatment Room
  • A female esthetician prepares a bed in the massage room.
    Treatment Room
  • A couple's treatment room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a garden.
  • White-and-black recliners in front of floor-to-ceiling glass windows in bright relaxation room