Emily Young, Cautha, 2012, Clastic onyx. © Emily Young

Inside our Resort, as well as outside, nestled amongst the tropical gardens, you’ll find a spectacular collection of fine art and sculptures from contemporary artists as well as works from some of the greats: Fernando Botero, Baltasar Lobo and Robert Indiana. The overarching design of our art collection was grounded around a key goal – to create an environment set amid a mountain location that inspired the senses to ascend and rise above the fray of life.

Art Highlights

  • An artistic welcome

    In our Great Hall, an enormous 30-foot, slowly rotating mobile sculpture greets you, framed by soaring lodge-piles at the vaulted ceiling. The artwork calls into question the contemplative quality of the space, which is simultaneously serene and dramatic.

  • Guided and Self-Guided Outdoor Sculpture Walk

    Our online guide gives you instructions for a self-guided tour around the Resort, with a background on each piece, unique points of view and little-known facts about the artists. Arrows in the guide will direct you along the sculpture tour route, past works of art such as Burning Desire by Marc Quinn (photographed here), inviting you to walk along the pond’s edge and investigate the massive flower, much like a honeybee in search of nectar. The Resort also offers hour-long guided tours with an art curator; check with the Retreat Host for a schedule.

  • Moments of Reflection

    A selection of artwork throughout the Resort was commissioned exclusively for Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Hotel. Encounter these pieces for the very first time and stimulate your thoughts and reflections. Comfortable resting spots invite you to stop and use paintings and other art as real-life prompts to journal, providing an opportunity for self-reflection, to track learnings and to acknowledge one’s feelings. The Sensei team has created a series of prompts to guide you through their mindfulness journey, which is designed to improve mood, memory and perspective.

  • Featured Artists

    On display throughout the property, the eclectic collection includes extraordinary works of two-dimensional art as well as sculptures. Featured artists include Miya Ando, LA-based mixed media artist Brooks Shane Salzwedel, French contemporary artist Jane Puylagarde, and (whose work is shown here) Japan-born Seiko Tachibana. Our collection also includes works by David Ellis, Haure Shimomoto, Sky Pape and Lauren Collin among others.

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