• A man and woman lean in to smell a root vegetable in the garden
  • Kitchen Garden
  • vegetables hang out of a burlap four seasons bag as it sits on the ground
  • close up of hands holding two large red tomatoes over a wooden crate of tomatoes

Zip away by hybrid sports car to pick seasonal produce from a Michelin-starred restaurant’s garden before heading back for a cooking class.

As the Porsche Panamera Turbo S Hybrid hugs the curves of the road en route to Versailles from Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, the conversation with your travel partner – Chef Simone Zanoni of the Hotel’s Michelin-starred Le George restaurant – lays the foundation for a half-day focused on sustainability.

Your destination in Versailles is the Domaine de Madame Élisabeth, a stone’s throw from the Palace of Versailles and a gift from Louis XVI to his younger sister. Today the Domaine is dedicated to nature, the arts and culture, and it contains agricultural research and training facilities. Within its vast green space is Le George’s kitchen garden, spanning nearly 1,800 square metres. Fertilized with compost created from the restaurant’s food scraps, the garden supplies an abundance of organic produce for Zanoni’s menu.

Managed by the chef, his team and a “Green Brigade” of 20 individuals returning to work under the supervision of Domaine landscaper Mickaël Duval, the kitchen garden addresses issues of food waste and local sourcing and embodies Le George’s core concept of sharing at the table.

With Zanoni’s expert guidance, you’ll select seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs from the garden, and then – back in the kitchen at Le George – he’ll teach you the Italian cooking techniques he learned from his grandmother, transforming your harvest into a delightful dinner.

As a memento of this bespoke, immersive experience, you’ll receive a copy of Mon Italie, a collection of the chef’s Mediterranean recipes that you can share around your own table back home.

In January 2020, Chef Simone Zanoni has been recognized by the Michelin Guide in the prestigious Sustainable Gastronomy category. This recognition highlights Le George’s green efforts and commitment to environmentally friendly practices, placing Simone Zanoni at the forefront of the sustainability movement.

Please contact the Hotel directly to book this Extraordinary Experience, which is offered from March to late October/early November with a stay in the Premier Suite or higher. Subject to chef availability.