In 2002, the iconic Michelin Guide awarded Le Cinq by Christian Le Squer three stars, marking the chef’s already illustrious career with the ultimate honour for culinary excellence – a distinction that has been reconfirmed ever since. In celebration of this great achievement, Le Cinq unveils Le Squer’s 20 Years of Excellence Menu, featuring the elegant, modern French cuisine for which he is known in a gastronomic experience like no other.
  • Chef hands plating asparagus on white dish

    From Seaside to City

    As far back as he can remember, Christian Le Squer was surrounded by the scent of the sea during his childhood in Brittany, and his passion for cooking dates back to his time as a sailor. After a few successful years working outside the capital, his desire to explore French cuisine grew, taking him to Paris. Here, he learned about fine dining, refined his palate and became even more knowledgeable and ambitious.
  • Chef Christian Le Squer cooking at a stove

    The Art of French Living

    Le Squer aspires to l’art de vivre à la Française at our Hotel, with dishes that are elegant, delightful and generous in portion – and inspired in harmony with the times.
  • Chef hands using tweezers to assemble ham and mushroom dish

    A World of Creation

    Le Squer’s greatest pride is creating a dish, a moment, a sensation and memories – but above all, he wants to offer his clients an unforgettable dining experience. Both determined and serene, he defines himself as a creator of flavours and a composer of tastes. In the style of a fashion designer or perfumer, he shapes and assembles his produce, enhancing it and drawing out the most delicate flavours, achieving a perfect balance in the process.

The taste of a dish actually comes to me before I find the ingredients for it. It’s an intuitive process. It just hits you, a bit like love at first sight.

Christian Le Squer Executive Chef, Le Cinq

Signature Dishes

  • Gratinated Onions contemporary Parisian style in pool of sauce on white scalloped dish
    Gratinated Onions

    Contemporary Parisian Style

  • Bay Prawns, Warm Mayonnaise, Buckwheat Pancakes on white plate
    Bay Prawns

    Warm Mayonnaise, Buckwheat Pancake

  • Cuttlefish Like Tagliatelle Caviar and Buttermilk from Childhood on white dish
    Cuttlefish Like Tagliatelle, caviar and buttermilk from childhood
  • Smoked Eel from the Somme, Black Bread, Red Wine Reduction on white plate
    Smoked Eel from the Somme

    Black Bread, Red Wine Reduction

  • Ham, Mushroom and Truffle Spaghetti in rectangular shape
    Ham, Mushroom and Truffle Spaghetti

  • Architectural white Dairy Iced, Yeast Flavour dessert
    Dairy Iced

    Yeast Flavour

  • Crunchy Grapefruit, Preserved and Raw on dotted white plate

    Preserved and Raw

20 Years of Excellence Menu

  • Gratinated Onions, Contemporary Parisian Style
  • Bay Prawns, Warm Mayonnaise, Buckwheat Pancake
  • Cuttlefish Like Tagliatelle, Caviar and Buttermilk From Childhood
  • Smoked Eel from the Somme, Black Bread, Red Wine Reduction
  • Ham, Mushroom and Truffle Spaghetti
  • Dairy Iced, Yeast Flavour
  • Crunchy Grapefruit, Preserved and Raw
  • Iced Dark Chocolate, Roasted Peanuts and Carambar
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