Welcome to Naviva®, an unspoiled nature retreat featuring 15 luxury tents nestled amidst 48 forested acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean and adjacent to the legendary Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita. The Naviva® experience blurs the lines of traditional formality and amplifies community, creating an authentic environment that fosters personal growth and knowledge enhancement. Where nature and life intersect – this is Naviva®.


Naviva® by Four Seasons

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Blurred Lines & Amplified Connections

Naviva® is designed to be unscripted and exploratory. Daily life at Naviva® offers the opportunity to explore 20 hectares (48 acres) of forest or to simply lounge all afternoon at the Selva Pool. Here, you will feel more like a guest in a private home than at a resort. To enhance this sense of ease and to remove transactions, our inclusive pricing covers all meals, snacks and drinks – all day long, whenever you wish. Enjoy a complimentary spa treatment once during your stay along with daily community activities and unscripted moments for a truly all-encompassing experience. The personal changes may be profound or incremental but rest assured – your stay at Naviva® will be transformative.
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Our style is casual and unassuming. Join us in exploring our natural surroundings in an authentic and personal way. I look forward to being your host.

Ronny Fernandez Resort Manager