Ask your little one to imagine an island paradise, and odds are it looks a lot like Voavah. We’ll keep the little ones entertained with treasure hunts, turtle tours, marine-biology lessons, or reading and playing games in the Loft Lounge. Want a little time to yourself? We can help with that, too.

Island Highlights

Children’s Amenities

  • Special Accommodations
  • Dedicated Recreation, Water Sports and Kids Leader
  • Secluded beach picnics
  • Family Spa treatments
Fun Tube Rides
The ultimate in wave-riding craziness, our Fun Tubes are an adrenaline-pumping, kid-friendly activity – hold on tight!
Snorkelling, Swimming and Free-Diving Classes
From confidence-building pool sessions to extended lagoon lessons, our personalized classes can help develop lifelong skills. Have an already confident snorkeller? That person can venture onto the reef at night for the guided, moonlit thrill of blooming corals and nocturnal hunters such as crabs, lobsters and octopi.
Island Treasure Hunts
You won’t believe what’s hidden beneath Voavah’s fluffy white sands – you just have to know where to look.
Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding and Wakeskating
Let them take to the waves – whatever their style – to master flat tricks, flips and 180s. Mom and Dad might even learn a thing or two.
For some additional peace of mind, we offer one-hour, day-long or overnight care for your group’s youngest islanders.
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