Mark Richards, Mark Occhilupo, Tom Curren, Tom Carroll and Taylor Knox are just some of the greats who have graced Kuda Huraa’s pristine shores and surrounding world-class breaks. Set off on escorted sessions and clinics with Kuda Huraa’s expert Tropicsurf coaches and guides, embark on a dedicated surf cruise or mingle with the masters at the annual Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy.

Hang ten with us

  • Adopt an ocean lifestyle at our Surf School run by professionals from Tropicsurf of Noosa, Australia. Learn in our lagoon with courses for guests ages 6 and older, or let loose on six quality breaks within a stone’s throw. Enjoy easy take-offs and long rides in some of the world’s most consistent and warmest swells, then head to the Surf Shack to store your board, watch the latest surfing movie or just hang out. The best waves occur year round for beginners and from April to October for experienced surfers.


  • Woman rides pink surfboard on crystal clear water with man behind clapping
  • World Champion surfer David Rastovich rides a wave
  • Man on surfboard surfs along large waves in remote Outer Atolls
  • Angled shot of Tropicsurf pro breaking the surface of a wave
  • Aerial shot of the Sultan's Surfbreak
  • Underwater shot of surfer catching a wave
  • Surfer grips surfboard mid-air while riding the waves

Tropicsurf Courses and Cruises

Dream program for beginners
Learn the essentials in the calm waters of Kuda Huraa’s lagoon before hitting the waves. No experience is required, though reasonable fitness is important. Advance from the lagoon to level two, which qualifies you to venture onto the breaks – in hopes of experiencing the thrill of gliding across your first wave.
Daily surfs
Daily boat trips take surfers to Kuda Huraa’s world-class waves. Your guide is also an expert coach, so be sure to ask if you’d like some tips to get you ripping sooner.
Ride clinic and coaching
Serious about taking your surfing to the next level? Tropicsurf’s 10-step program will increase your knowledge, confidence and wave count. Twenty years in the making, this is a well-known improvement program. Combined with some perfect Kuda Huraa surf, you’ll never get a better opportunity to rip harder.

Seaplane Surfing Safari

  • Surfers pose for camera aboard the colourful sea plane the Flying Triggerfish


You’ll be on top of the world when you drop into a wave during your own customized surfing safari in the Indian Ocean. Board a seaplane with a team of expert guides to begin this exclusive Four Seasons Extraordinary Experience, available only at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa. Together, you’ll take flight and launch an epic quest to find your ultimate surfing destination. Circle strings of pearl-like islands before descending to ride perfect, empty waves in some of the Indian Ocean’s most pristine locations. Surf to your heart’s content, then paddle back to the plane for refreshments – or fly to the next break to catch a pushing tide. Go with the wind, chase the swell, savour the freedom and enjoy a journey into the heart of Maldivian surf wilderness before returning to Kuda Huraa in time for sundowners on the beach.


  • Champion surfer Josh Kerr stands with arms outstretched in front of the Champions Trophy banner
  • Pedro Henrique surfs on a pink board next to Four Seasons Explorer
  • Céline Gehret, ascending from the water above a school of fish as she surfs in the Maldives
  • Pedro Henrique riding a pink surfboard
  • Aerial shot of the Sultans Surfbreak, white-capped waves breaking on shore
  • Josh Kerr riding a white board just before the wave breaks

Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy

Rub shoulders with surfing legends and enjoy an exclusive surf tour experience with our annual Surfing Champions Trophy. This boutique, invitation-only event launched in 2011 and sees six former world champions take to the waves in an annual battle across three divisions: single-fin, twin-fin and thrusters. In partnership with Tropicsurf, the week-long event is hosted aboard the ultimate surf vessel, Four Seasons Explorer.
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