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Paradise Found: The Most Instagrammable Spots in Thailand

Thailand’s otherworldly beauty is picture-perfect. Explore the most photogenic sights of Chiang Mai, Golden Triangle and Koh Samui.

Vivid green rice fields, bamboo jungles, brilliant sunsets over pristine waters: The landscape of Thailand is ideal for stunning photography. Explore Chiang Mai and the serene Mae Rim Valley, minutes away. Escape to the lush hills of the Golden Triangle and the magical point where the Ruak River flows into the majestic Mekong River. Relax on the white sand beaches of Koh Samui, one of the largest islands off Thailand’s east coast. Along the way, capture amazing images of your journey, keeping in mind these photo ops, shared by our guests and Four Seasons experts.

Chiang Mai: The Rice Fields

A woman overlooks the pond behind the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

An intricate lattice of trails lies around the rice fields near Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, set in the heart of an area once known as the Lanna Kingdom – “the land of a million rice fields.” From growing it on the property to incorporating it into dishes like risottos at Terraces and mango sticky rice at the private dinner in the rice barn, the grain is a vital ingredient in the Resort’s celebration of Thai traditions.

Padi Yuthasastrkosol, the Guru of Rice Planting and the Nature Trail at Four Seasons Resorts Thailand, understands the importance of the fields. “Rice is the culinary elixir of Thailand, and is an integral part of every meal,” she says. “A lot of the country’s livelihood depends on the rice fields, so they are revered in Thai culture as a sign of prosperity.”

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of the fields is to savour a private breakfast there. Enjoy the morning breeze while while sipping delicate tropical juices or rice milk, and then choose a Western breakfast of baked goods and eggs or a traditional Thai breakfast of pa thong ko (Thai doughnuts) or khao tom (boiled rice with cured pork sausage in a chilli lime sauce). It’s the perfect start to your day – and the best time to take advantage of the morning light, which makes for excellent photographs.

Golden Triangle: From Your Deck to the Heart of the World

A Balcony overlooking the bamboo jungle at the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

After a night in the peace of the Deluxe Tent or the safari-style Two-Bedroom Explorer’s Lodge at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, step out onto your expansive private deck and into the jungle. The Golden Triangle (an area comprising parts of Thailand, Laos and Burma) is home to dense bamboo forests and fields formerly planted with poppies, all within sight of your luxury accommodations.

From your perch among the palms, capture breathtaking images of the property’s rehabilitated elephants, framed in the morning by curls of mist. “The gentle giants roam free in the distance, grazing in the landscape,” says Reza Jafari, the Camp Manager. The view is equally stunning in the evening, perhaps with a glass of wine or after a massage in the outdoor sala (outdoor pavilion).

After a day spent exploring the scenic mountain trails – accompanied by elephants – or cruising down the Ruak River aboard a traditional longtail boat, return to your Deluxe Tent for a relaxing soak in your private hot tub as you watch the sun set over the river, Burma and the mountains of Laos.

Koh Samui: From Here to Infinity

A view of the infinity pool at the Four Seasons Koh Samui

The view of the horizon is limitless from the 50-metre (164-foot) infinity pool at
Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui. The Gulf of Thailand blends into the Resort’s crystal waters, punctuated by swaying coconut palms stretching from the beach to the sky. When the waters are still, it’s fitting to take a stunning photo of the mirrored surface of the pool. Or, from the loungers, snap a photo of the sparkling white beach and cerulean gulf.

Just a few feet from the infinity pool is CoCoRum, the Resort’s beachfront bar. With tangled green behind you and the vast Gulf of Thailand before you, tropical cocktails are on the menu. But don’t just drink them; take a mixology class and learn how to make them yourself. Looking for the perfect action shot? Just a few steps down the beach you’ll find activities like beach sports, water biking, snorkelling and an inclusive tour of Thailand’s Angthong National Marine Park from the Four Seasons yacht, Minor Affair.

After a day filled with adventure – or a relaxing massage – return to the infinity pool for a candied sunset sky and one more photograph to add to your Thai portfolio.

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