Ground yourself to nature at Naviva®. With our all-encompassing approach to pricing, enjoy one 90-minute journey included during your stay and choose to go deeper with a variety of Journeys, Rituals and Spa Pod Retreats. From two spa pods representing the sunrise and sunset to our House of Heat temazcal, rejuvenation, connectivity and inspiration awaits.

Spa services

90 minutes

150 minutes

5 hours

150 minutes

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Fitness and Well-being

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    Naviva gives you the opportunity to focus fully on your physical well-being. Join a cliffside yoga session at the Risco Terrace, or follow our self-guided hiking and running trails. Work out in our outdoor gym and incorporate trees and boulders into your routine, connecting to nature with every stretch and every breath.


Hours are customized to guest experiences. Please contact us to book your treatment.