Our Environmental, Social and Governance Commitment

At Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis, we seek to continually improve our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance while demonstrating transparency in our disclosures. We are committed to building upon our company’s strong history of supporting our neighbours and the environment. Through our ESG program, we seek to preserve and regenerate the beautiful places in which we operate, and leave a positive, enduring impact on our communities.
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We’re passionate about leaving the world better than when we found it. We don’t just want to be best in the world, we need to be the best for the world. That’s why we are focused on protecting and regenerating the planet so that the only imprint we leave is a positive one.

Our approach includes prioritizing local sourcing and establishing relationships with organic wine vendors. We work collaboratively to ensure our operations are as efficient as possible, continually reducing our energy and water consumptions while diverting waste from landfill. We have committed to eliminate single-use plastics from our guest experience, utilizing biodegradable and compostable packaging for takeout containers and partnering with local companies to reuse and repurpose materials.

Our sustainability efforts also extend to The Spa, where Director of Spa LeAnne Latham and team are committed to making every aspect of the guest experience good for people and good for our planet. Her revolutionary concept of nourishment through nature preserves natural and physical resources through seasonal, flora- and fauna-inspired therapies. Latham and team also maintain a living wall and collaborate with our in-house florist on the Floral Forever Project where botanicals and living arrangements throughout the hotel are retained, dried and pressed to extend their lifespan in The Spa.

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At Four Seasons Hotel Minneapolis, we aspire to be people who live by the Golden Rule, lead through action and example and invest in the community we call home. We aim to create a welcoming environment by celebrating diversity and advancing equity through the decisions we make and the processes we construct. We also plan to devote 3,500 service hours per year and concentrate our charitable giving in the following areas:

  • Downtown restoration efforts – with a focus on housing stability
  • Social justice programs – with an emphasis on eliminating racism
  • Health and wellness initiatives, with a concentration on children’s cancer research as part of a company-wide commitment, which began more than four decades ago.


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