It’s not the things you take with you that define your journey; it’s the experiences you have and the memories you bring home. Assistant Chief Concierge Mohamad Atsir takes you through the experiences he cherishes most in his home city. Here, he recommends four sensory “souvenirs” to take away from your visit.
Aerial view of Jakarta city buildings and highways lit up at night

The Bold Colours of a Jakarta Sunset

I like to go to SKYE rooftop bar and restaurant to sip cocktails on the terrace at sunset. The warm breeze and 360° views from the 56th floor are unmatched. I recommend trying the Cherry Blossom, a brightly coloured drink that’s as vivid as the sunset itself.

The Deep Flavours of Indonesian Spices

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good homestyle meal at Kila Kila by Akasya. The Javanese-style dishes are pure indulgence. My favourites are Iga Bakar Sereh (grilled short ribs with notes of lemongrass) and Rendang Daging Kecombrang (a slow-cooked beef dish with flavours of ginger, galangal, and turmeric).
Close-up of roasted Hawaii Island Coffee Farm beans

The Rich Aroma of Indonesian Coffee

A sip of coffee is all I need to start my day, and I’m blessed to have nearby access to one of the best coffee beans in the world: Toraja Sapan. This medium-bodied coffee is available at both Tanamera Coffee at Pacific Place and Anomali Coffee at Senopati. I recommend taking some home to remind you of your time in Indonesia.

The Energy of Jakarta’s Emerging Art Scene

When I’m feeling a bit artsy, I can immerse myself in the city’s classic or contemporary art. I like to go to Museum MACAN or visit smaller art galleries such as Ruci, Dia.Lo.Gue and ROH Projects. Jakarta’s rich and diverse cultural history components add up to a dynamic art scene that is worth penciling into any art enthusiast’s agenda.