Located in the glittering capital city, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta is as fashionable and enchanting as the city itself, making it the ideal home base for planning your excursions. To get you started, we asked our Four Seasons team – who have an insider’s view of what’s hot and happening in the Jakarta area – for some of the can’t-miss and unexpected things to do around town.

Where Our Executive Pastry Chef Dines on His Day Off

– Lorenzo Sollecito, Executive Pastry Chef

“I enjoy Indonesian food, and one of my favourite places to grab a bite is Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy, where the dishes feature local seasonal ingredients. With a more contemporary presentation than traditional Indonesian food, the dishes please both my eyes and my palate. Go for dinner and be sure to have dessert on the terrace to end your evening.”

Close-up of bartender pouring orange cocktail from shaker into crystal glass with large ice cube

Our Bartender’s Favourite Cocktail Hotspot

– Bagus Mulyono, Bartender

“When I want a cocktail after work, I head to Arrack and Spice, which uses modern techniques and local Indonesian flavours. Don’t be surprised if your dessert is actually your cocktail! I especially like to go on Tuesdays for live acoustic music and sit at the bar to watch the mixologists in action. I recommend ordering the signature cocktail, Pak Raden, a blend of “mesoyi” rum (made from massoia tree bark) and “kacang ijo” (mung bean).”

A woman looking through a rack of clothes in a store.

Shopping Finds from Our Admin to Director of Marketing

– Anggie Okta, Admin to Director of Marketing

“With so many cool Indonesian designers, it’s hard to choose just one. Whenever I need my fashion fix, I go to Kemang’s designer boutiques. My favourites are ARA for contemporary pieces and Bin House for traditional Indonesian pieces like batik scarves.”

Two scuba divers underwater near colourful coral

Where Our Assistant Catering & Wedding Sales Manager Dives on Her Day Off

– Rachel Subiantara, Assistant Catering and Wedding Sales Manager

“One of the easiest dive spots to get to from Jakarta is Pulau Seribu, also known as the Thousand Islands. The clear blue-green water there is spectacular. One time, I saw a whale shark during the dive – how cool is that? I’d definitely recommend going on weekdays or Sundays to avoid the Saturday crowds.”

Dark coffee in white porcelain ramekins next to kraft paper bags.

Indigenous Produce Insights from our Barista

– Novan, Barista

“I love Tanamera Coffee because of the wide selection of Indonesian coffee and because they work closely with farmers to source the best beans available in Indonesia. I recommend taking their roasting class and bringing home your own freshly roasted coffee beans.”