Tailor your private pool experiences by floating away on giant inflatables while chilling out with your own DJ's tunes, or enjoying a wide range of activities suitable for kids of all ages and discovering how to make Hoi An's local handicraft.

Chill ’n’ Grill

Savour a sumptuous poolside spread of your favourite grilled meats and veggies, picnic sides and sunshine-y desserts.
    Child in front of a flamingo-motif wall with ice cream cone in one hand, wearing a tutu and t-shirt

    We All Scream for Ice Cream

    Fancy a visit from our Ice Cream Cart? Choose up to six different ice creams and sorbets from Vietnamese Chocolate, Ca Phe Sua (Vietnamese Coffee) and 0-Mile Coconut, plus a choice of 10 toppings. With 24 hours' notice we can even make a special flavour just for you!
      A bartender garnishing a drink with spices in Bali

      Shake It Up

      Get the party started with your own Mixologist along with all the bar essentials. Sporting a wide range of ingredients freshly picked from the onsite herb and vegetable farm – including mint, lemongrass, cucumbers and daily squeezed juices – the In-Pool Villa bartender will have everything you need to celebrate amongst the palm trees.
        Smiling Chef Tran Van Sen holds greens, shows them to man in apron

        Let’s Cook

        Too comfortable to leave your villa? Enjoy a taste of our Cooking Academy in your own garden as you learn how to make a Vietnamese Salad and Nem Lui (Vietnamese Skewers).
          Three children in chef hats, aprons roll pastries at counter

          Chè It Out

          In conical hats and double basket hangers, we’ll bring a street food dessert tradition right to your door. Pull up a stool to enjoy a local summer treat, Chè.
            Note: The above services and amenities are available at an additional cost.