A host of discoveries await in “Travel + Leisure” magazine’s 2019 Best City in the World. Who better to draw up a local guide than the Hotel’s in-the-know staff? Tailor your itinerary with their picks; then explore, retreat and repeat.
Wagyu Beef Tomahawk on noodles with green lettuce, lime

Our Cooking Academy Chef’s Favourite Hidden Eatery

– Trang Thi Huyen Tran, Head Chef of The Nam Hai Cooking Academy

“Mì Quảng Ông Hai (Mr. Hai Noodles) is my favourite place to grab a bite to eat. It has six tables and serves only two dishes – Cao lầu and Quang-style noodles – but they’re the best in town. Mix in the local chilli sauce and have a side of homemade yoghurt for the full experience.”

A man fishes standing up in a canoe as the sun shines brightly behind him.

How Our Concierge and Recreation Manager Likes to Start the Day

– Tin Pham, Concierge and Recreation Manager

“I take the 20-minute drive from the Hotel to the fish market near Duy Hai port for the chance to capture amazing sunrise photos of the fishing boats between Thu Bồn River and the East Sea. The market sells some of my favourites – freshly harvested calamari and a zesty dry rub with salt, chillies and lemon. I love stopping at Long Coffee and grabbing a Vietnamese coffee while I’m there too. It’s a great way to meet locals! Everyone is so friendly, and you get a true taste of the Vietnamese way of life.”

A woman in Hoi An Historical Town tailors a man's suit

Our Assistant Director of Housekeeping’s Recommended Tailor

– Hien Do, Assistant Director of Housekeeping

“Yaly Couture is the only tailor in Hoi An that uses 3D body scanners to take your measurements, allowing you to place additional orders for all sorts of items once you’ve returned home. They have a great range of fabrics, including cashmere and leather. You can even have shoes made to match your clothes! Commission a garment, and they’ll deliver it to the Hotel within 24 hours.”

Vespa Foodie Adventure in The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam

Our Guest Relations Officer’s Favourite River View

– Tam Nguyen, Guest Relations Officer

“Take a boat from Bach Dang port on the far side of the Thu Bồn River and ask the sampan sailor to float toward the Japanese Bridge. I recommend you head out around 4:30 pm in the green season and 5:30 pm in the summer season to catch the sunset as the light fades into the illuminated lanterns along Hoi An Ancient Town across the river.”