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Fitness Centre

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Complimentary Weekly Fitness Classes

Sunrise Yoga
Welcome a new day together with the sun by awakening the body’s innate intelligence and ultimately promoting healthy energy flow to balance the body. Suitable for healthy beginners to advanced practitioners. Monday through Saturday at 8:00 am – Serenity Lawn
Beach Boot Camp
Increase your muscle reaction and core stability in a soft beach sand environment that removes the concern of hard surface impact to your joints. The heat from the sand also relaxes the muscles for more range of motion. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 am – North End of Beach
Underwater Core
We take this workout underwater (waist deep) to increase blood flow, build lungpower and challenge your endurance. Decrease soreness while doubling the results, as water is 800 times as dense as air, creating a natural resistance for increased tone and strength. Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 am, Saturday at 10:00 am – Family Pool
Sunset Meditation
Guided dialogue meditation aimed at readily accessing profound states of inner peace and joy. On Fridays, enjoy sips of a healthy spa cocktail during Meditation Happy Hour. Monday through Saturday at 5:00 pm – Serenity Lawn

Private Sessions

Personal Training
Tailor-made fitness sessions that work the body to achieve lean muscle mass, as well as improved flexibility and posture for guests of any fitness background.
Hatha Yoga
The yoga system that utilizes postures and breath to dynamically bring greater ease to the body and joy to the mind.
Melt Method
Eliminate chronic pain and erase the effects of aging by “melting” stress in the body’s connective tissue system.
Single Sessions – USD 150 per hour Couple Session – USD 220 per hour 12 Session Package – USD 1,275 6 Session Package – USD 675 3 Session Package – USD 430
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