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Private Sessions

Personal Training
Tailor-made fitness sessions that work the body to achieve lean muscle mass, as well as improved flexibility and posture for guests of any fitness background.
Mat Pilates
The most effective way to stretch and strengthen your body. Focus on your core, hips and shoulders with a mix of dance, yoga and classic calisthenics.
Restorative Yoga
A welcome respite from stress of everyday life. Enjoy luxuriously supported positioning at a relaxed pace to gently open and soften the body; allowing you to let go completely. The overall calming effect of mindful breathing and restorative poses on your nervous system sets a deeply relaxing tone greatly improving your sense of wellbeing.
Hatha Yoga
The yoga system that utilizes postures and breath to dynamically bring greater ease to the body and joy to the mind.
Crystal Sound Bath
Bathe in the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls. A gentle yet powerfully restorative sound session with improvised, meditative concert composed of harmonious tones. The experience supports deep states of relaxation, stress relief, and body mind balance. No yoga clothes or prior experience required.
Guided dialogue meditation aimed at readily accessing profound states of inner peace and joy.
Reservations required. Please contact The Spa to schedule private sessions. All classes are subject to cancellation based on daily weather conditions.
Single Sessions – USD 150 per hour Couple Session – USD 220 per hour 12 Session Package – USD 1,380 6 Session Package – USD 750 3 Session Package – USD 430
We can arrange almost anything. +1 (305) 381-3333 Contact