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With a 360-degree approach that’s uniquely tailored to each and every resident, life at Four Seasons Private Residences can often be described with one word: seamless. From the unparalleled service to the expert management to the beautiful homes themselves, Four Seasons has perfected the art of a curated lifestyle. So how do they do it? […]

What Does It Mean to Live With Four Seasons?

At Four Seasons Private Residences, finding that feeling of home has never been so easy.

With a 360-degree approach that’s uniquely tailored to each and every resident, life at
Four Seasons Private Residences can often be described with one word: seamless. From the unparalleled service to the expert management to the beautiful homes themselves, Four Seasons has perfected the art of a curated lifestyle. So how do they do it? If you’ve ever wondered what it means to live with Four Seasons, we’re taking a look at what it’s really like through the eyes of both residents and the passionate innovators working behind the scenes.

Service that’s tailored to you

“I can’t begin to explain to you the ease and comfort – it’s all wrapped up in one perfect package,” says Four Seasons homeowner Nazie Eftekhari.

For Eftekhari, one of the biggest draws of this type of homeownership is simple – she doesn’t have to worry about it. “Before I get there, I send down a grocery list. Everything is in the refrigerator, everything I’ve asked for. Perfect, packaged and ready to go. This is a chef’s dream; this is a mother’s dream.”

This level of intuitive service is such an integral part of what Four Seasons is known for, and it’s elevated even further at each Four Seasons Private Residence. Everything from dinner reservations to delivering late-night snacks to planning your child’s birthday party to ensuring your favourite flowers are always on display is handled by a passionate team of experts who know your tastes and preferences – and treat you like family.

“Our residents live at Four Seasons for a reason,” notes Reed Kandalaft, Regional Vice President and General Manager at Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel. “This is not just a typical building where you buy an apartment that you live in and you park your car. We want to know what you like and how you like it so we can go out there and really curate that for you.”

It might be easy to imagine that this kind of dedicated attention is true for owners who live in standalone residences such as Four Seasons Private Residences at 706 Mission, San Francisco. But the same is true at mixed-use properties that are connected to a hotel or resort, which make up the bulk of the Four Seasons residential portfolio.

Owners at mixed-use properties such as Four Seasons Private Residences Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo not only have the attention of an expert residential team, they also enjoy total access to the Resort. “Our [goal is to make] each experience and interaction with every owner personalized to their individual needs,” says General Manager Ian-Robert Ciappara. “Homeowners are part of our community, having full access to all the amenities our Resort guests enjoy. Our amenities and services become an extension of their home and their daily life, to be enjoyed as often as they choose.”

So with the kitchen stocked, house organized, errands taken care of and activities booked, how do residents fill rest of their days? As Eftekhari says: “You get to enjoy your family, you get to enjoy your friends. You get to just enjoy your time. Doesn’t get much better than that.”

Complete peace of mind

Homeownership is a major investment, and protecting that investment is just as important to the on-site residential teams as it is to each owner. Maintaining this high level of trust is especially true with second homes that you may only visit a few times a year. For many homeowners, another benefit of living with Four Seasons is the confidence they have in leaving their home in the team’s care.

“We do not have any worries when we’re away from our home for extended periods of time,” echoes one homeowner at Four Seasons Private Residences Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort. “Everything’s monitored and taken care of in our absence and prepared for us when we’re back.”

But what actually happens at your residence when you’re not there? Property management entails taking charge of all administrative aspects of a residence, including renting the property when desired; maintaining the beauty, security and quality of all infrastructures; and ensuring effective and timely relations with all suppliers of goods and services. “Overall, our focus – and our pride – is to allow our residents, their friends and relatives to enjoy their stay with us without any hassle,” says Alexia Douyon, Director of Residences at Four Seasons Private Residences Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo. “No detail is overlooked, and residents can expect tailor-made service and the feeling of [being a part of] a community that truly cares about their well-being.”

As soon as you let the on-site team know you’re coming home, everything is set into motion. Your favourite foods are organized, your home is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for your arrival, and if you’re celebrating a special occasion, the team is excited to make the moment memorable for you. Expect thoughtful surprises like an embroidered robe for a newborn, a room full of balloons to celebrate a milestone or an impromptu birthday parade as genuine gestures of love from your Four Seasons family.

Design that fits your style

Creating a palpable sense of place is another signature element of Four Seasons Private Residences. From iconic skylines in Bangkok and London to tropical locales like Belize and the Dominican Republic, Four Seasons Private Residences are available in some of the world’s most desirable locations, and the residences themselves are designed to capture the essence of each locale.

At Four Seasons Private Residences Las Vegas, drawing from the surrounding desert landscape as well as the glamour of Las Vegas was essential to informing the design. Similarly, the sprawling hills and big, blue Texas sky are beautifully showcased in the private homes and community spaces at Four Seasons Private Residences Lake Austin.

In Los Angeles, the inspiration came from the mid-century architecture and famous Case Study Houses that the city is known for, which meant bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out. “We have all of these amazing terraces, all these wonderful windows that disappear – we’re really capturing that essence,” says Martyn Lawrence Bullard, interior designer of Four Seasons Private Residences Los Angeles.

“The Four Seasons brand is known as a stamp of quality, a seal of perfection,” he continues. “Obviously we wanted [the residences] to have a wonderful luxe feel, but it had to blend with the California experience.”

Owners can also expect the highest quality materials and finishes in every private residence, often using materials that are native to the area or design motifs that nod to local culture. At Four Seasons Private Residences Bahrain Bay, designer Nicolas Roux created a design that pays homage to the exquisite craftsmanship you find in traditional Bahraini architecture. “We brought a focus to the amazing local pearl resources famed across Bahrain by using mother-of-pearl inlay throughout the design in a variety of ways,” says Roux. “We also used a lot of beautiful marble across the floors, walls and architraves, and a Guatemala green verde stone to reference the deeper colours from the spice markets.”

While the designers have put incredible thought into the creation of each residence, there’s still plenty of room to make it your own. “[We’ve created] these beautiful backgrounds, but within those finishes, there’s ways for all the people who buy these apartments to change it up a little, to add their flavour,” says Bullard of the Los Angeles residences.

Ultimately, notes Roux, it’s important that owners feel relaxed, that this is a space where they can feel at home.

At Four Seasons, home is that feeling of belonging and the complete confidence that you’re being taken care of. As homeowner Eftekhari said, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Are you ready to live with Four Seasons?