• Close up of a man's face as he receives an acupuncture treatment
    September 15 – 30, 2022

    Visiting Spa Practitioner: Alex Scrimgeour

    Embark on a wellness journey and experience the extensive healing benefits of Dien Chan reflexology and acupuncture from visiting practitioner Alex Scrimgeour.
Dien Chan Facial Reflexology
Alex specializes in mapping out and harnessing the connections between face and health as per the teachings of Dien Chan for healing and rejuvenation purposes. 60 minutes – QAR 1,000 90 minutes – QAR 1,300
Alex practices a safe, gentle and effective form of acupuncture, capable of treating a wide range of conditions, from the most superficial aspects of the body to organs and mental health. 60 minutes – QAR 1,000
  • Shaylini Somani, a visiting practitioner
    October 2 – 20, 2022

    Visiting Spa Practitioner: Shaylini

    Start your wellbeing journey by discovering Reiki healing, Chakra balancing, and guided meditations, led by Reiki Master Shaylini.
Reiki Healing
A body scan will diagnose and treat imbalances using a variety of techniques including emotional body clearing, vibrational frequency rebalancing, karmic pattern cleansing, chakra cleansing and balancing, and energy healing restoration. 60 minutes – QAR 900 90 minutes – QAR 1,150
Chakra Balancing
Through her transformative chakra balancing techniques, Shaylini replenishes the body’s life energy from the chakras through to the cellular level, while enabling the release of any depleted energies. This ensures optimal flow and even distribution of energy throughout each chakra, resulting in balance, elimination of disease, and powerful healing and cleansing. 60 minutes – QAR 900 90 minutes – QAR 1,150
Deep Emotional Healing
Shaylini guides her clients to release emotional and mental pain, target imbalances and open blockages and support a shift leading to calm and joy. 60 minutes – QAR 1,150 90 minutes – QAR 1,400
Guided Meditation
Follow the lead of the Reiki Master to release emotional weight, to become aware of you inner self and reach a state of peace. Individual 40 minutes – QAR 700 Group 40 minutes – QAR 500 per person
  • Fitness Schedule for September 2022


    Challenge yourself and break through boundaries with CYQLONE's expertly designed workouts, now at our Fitness Centre. Choose your discipline from a range of intense, strength-training and fun 45-minute classes held in the comfort of our Hotel.
7:00 am – Animal Flow 6:00 pm – Bootcamp
6:30 pm – Spinning
9:00 am – Aqua Spinning 10:00 am – Pilates
7:00 am – Bootcamp 6:00 pm – Animal Flow
7:00 am – Yoga
8:30 am – Spinning 9:00 am – Aqua Gym
11:00 am – Spinning

Note: Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice.