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The best Arabic cuisine in town awaits you at the Infinity Pool, featuring an enhanced menu of new dishes, desserts and mocktails. Arabic Cuisine aficionados are invited to experience this culinary feast by Oriental Specialty Chef Tony El Khoury in the authentic atmosphere framed by Manama skyline views.


Sunset to Midnight

The Team

A chef in a white uniform stands with his arms crossed in front of the property.

Tony El Khoury

Oriental Specialty Chef
Spearheading Arabic cuisine on our culinary team, Chef Tony is known for preserving the tradition of Arabic dishes, while elevating them through the introduction of new techniques. Under his influence, popular dishes are reimagined through unusual flavour combinations and surprise ingredients.

Signature Dishes

  • A large spread of mezzeh on long rectangular plates.
    Cold and Hot Mezzeh

    Hummus, Mutabbal, Mofroukit Tajen, Waraq Enab, Mohammara, Batata Harrah, Fatayer

  • A white rectangular plate with a a vegetable dish served on a red cloth.
    Mafroukit Tajen

    Diced Vegetables, Mixed Nuts, Black Raisins, Tahini Sauce

  • Shrimp in a white bowl served in a creamy yoghurt sauce next to a large jug of olive oil.
    Fattah Shrimp

    Fried Bread, Fried Eggplant, Garlic-Yoghurt Coriander, Pine Seeds

  • Shrimp roasting on skewers next to a large plate of rice.
    Mixed Grills

    Shish Tawook, Veal Kebab, Lamb Kebab, Lamb Chops

Let us save you a seat. +973 1711 5500 Contact Us

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