Athens is an intriguing mix of ancient and contemporary with an endearing youthful exuberance all its own – and we want you to experience it like a local. Who better to draw up a guide than our Hotel’s in-the-know team? Tailor your itinerary with their picks; then explore, retreat and repeat.
Roasted eggplant halves topped with tomato, set in a serving tray


– George Vournazos, Chef Concierge

“Over the past several years, the culinary scene in Athens has bloomed. Many new, creative techniques have been implemented to bring Greek cuisine to the surface, highlighting our local and seasonal products. Feedel Asador restaurant is one of my favourite choices for a Saturday night out with friends. For casual Greek dining, try Oikeio in Kolonaki. I highly recommend the traditional moussaka – imagine layers of juicy beef mince, sweet aubergine and creamy béchamel sauce baked to perfection. Rich in calories, but totally worth it.”


– Konstantinos Kagias, Assistant Food and Beverage Director

“Set in a neoclassical town house in downtown Athens, The Clumsies is a cosy, friendly and upbeat bar with the best cocktails in town. It’s currently #3 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list, yet remains grounded and familiar with a lively atmosphere and intimate room through the back and terrace. For tequila enthusiasts like me, I also recommend Barro Negro, the city’s first tequileria with an Athenian twist for the most extensive selection of tequila and mezcal.”

Lavender flowers in a grey bowl.

How Our Spa Director Winds Down

– Stella Arvanitakou, Director of Spa

“My top-notch remedy after an exhausting day is a lavender and olive oil face and body scrub. My grandmother used to prepare this homemade Greek ritual for me every summer spent in Mitilini, on the island of Lesbos. The scrub reminds me of mountains filled with olive trees, farms with lavender flowers and the summer sea breeze flooding my universe. The fragrant buds are available throughout the Hotel gardens, so be sure to collect some before you leave. Let them dry in the sun, crush them with organic olive oil, then scrub gently all over the face and body for the utmost pampered and glowing skin. The scrub is also available at our Spa.”

Where our Recreation Manager Hangs Ten

– Dimitris Papadimitriou, Recreation Manager

“On a windy day, you’re most likely to find me chasing the meltemi winds, which create the ideal circumstances for windsurfing on some bays of the Athenian Riviera. Just a 10-minute drive from the Hotel in the city of Varkiza is a surfing school that offers lessons for all levels of surfers and has well-maintained equipment for rental. You can also drive another 20 minutes to Anavyssos Bay, a particularly popular destination for windsurfing fans, for the ideal conditions for freeride, wave, freestyle or slalom windsurfing.”