Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of jet do we travel on?

    The new, redesigned Four Seasons Private Jet is a fully customized, first-class-dedicated Airbus A321neo. The aircraft’s 48 Italian leather flat-bed seats allow for 6.5 feet (2 metres) of personal space for relaxing and enjoying your flight. The aircraft is operated by Titan Airways.

  2. Are there arrangements for solo travellers?

    We absolutely welcome solo travellers, and provide equal accommodations and experiences for both solo travellers and those travelling with companions. For more details about the solo traveller experience on our journeys, including seat selection options on the jet, please contact our Guest Relations team.

  3. How do you look after my safety and security?

    Your personal safety is of the utmost importance. Travelling by private jet allows us additional control over safety and security that we would not have travelling commercially. If it becomes necessary, we can change destinations or routings, even while we are en route. Where necessary, we have additional security to accompany us on excursions as an extra precaution. We are constantly being updated by our local agents on the ground and our partnered security firms about any possible issues that may arise in the destinations we visit.

  4. How do you look after my health?

    In preparation for our upcoming Four Seasons Private Jet journeys, we have implemented extensive health and safety protocols based on evolving best practices to help travellers feel safe and confident. Private Jet journeys will adhere to guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the time of departure, as well as any additional practices required in our itinerary destinations.

    The fully customized Four Seasons Private Jet has a hospital-grade air filtration system that renews cabin air every two to three minutes, removing 99.9% of particles, viruses and bacteria. We have also implemented additional cleanings and hygiene protocols on the jet. While on board, guests will be greeted with personal hygiene kits that will be replenished throughout the trip. A dedicated journey physician will monitor the health of guests, staff and flight crew prior to, during, and after each journey. COVID-19 testing, as required by destinations on the trip, will also be administered by our private physician. In addition, we will monitor each destination during the trip via expert third parties, our in-country partners, and disease prevalence data analysis. The Private Jet offers us the ability to change itineraries as needed, at any stage of the journey.

    Four Seasons has also launched Lead with Care, our enhanced global health and safety program focused on providing care, confidence and comfort to guests and employees within the new COVID-19 environment. During our stays at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts throughout the journey, guests can take comfort in onsite health and safety measures including physical distancing, mask usage and increased sanitization. Guests also have the option to use the Four Seasons App for contactless communication with Four Seasons employees during their stay.

    We are continuing to evaluate the COVID-19 situation and our journey operations will be adapted accordingly as the situation evolves. Please refer back to this page for updates on our health and safety protocols, or contact our Guest Relations team for up-to-date information or specific questions.

  5. What is your policy for trip cancellations and refunds?

    If it becomes clear that we cannot operate an itinerary safely, or that the trip will not offer experiences that meet our high Four Seasons standards, we will cancel it or adjust the itinerary as needed. Our Journey Refund Guarantee means that if we need to cancel a trip for any reason, your money will be refunded in full. In addition, should it become necessary to make substantial changes to the itinerary, you will always be given the option to cancel your reservation. Contact us for a copy of the contract including all terms and conditions.

  6. Who are you partnering with to operate journeys?

    The Four Seasons Private Jet Journeys are sold and operated by TCS World Travel. The aircraft is operated by Titan Airways.

  7. How is my deposit protected?

    When you make a reservation on a Four Seasons Private Jet journey, your money is protected in a dedicated escrow account provided by TCS World Travel. Contact us for a copy of the contract including all terms and conditions.

  1. Are there any overnight flights?

    We design our itineraries to avoid overnight flights, so the Private Jet typically flies during the day, arriving in each new destination usually mid-afternoon. However, a select few itineraries include one overnight flight for optimal routing between destinations.

  2. Can I choose my jet seat?

    Jet seats are chosen at the time of booking. Your Global Guest Services Manager will be in touch immediately after your booking is confirmed to help you choose your seats based on availability. Seating on the jet is in a 2x2 configuration. If travelling with a partner or as a couple, you will be seated next to each other.

  3. What kind of guests travel on your journeys?

    Our like-minded travellers come from all around the world. Our journeys appeal to people who are seeking unique travel experiences with the comfort of Four Seasons service and care. Many of our guests become close friends and remain in touch long after returning home from the journey. Our past guests love speaking with prospective guests to provide a first-hand account of their experience. The majority of our travellers are English-speaking, but for non-English speakers, translators can be arranged at each destination for an additional fee.

  4. Can I join a journey after it has departed, or leave early?

    Depending on the countries involved, you may be able to join a journey after it has started or depart early. Many countries regulate private air travel in/out of their airports and require private flights to arrive and depart with the same passengers. The full journey cost would still apply in these cases. We endeavor to accommodate our guests’ individual needs. Please contact our Guest Relations team to discuss any specific requirements you have.

  5. Do you offer partial segments to be purchased at reduced rates?

    Due to the complex nature of the air and ground travel regulations that we are required to observe on our global journeys, we recommend that guests travel with us for the duration of the trip. For this reason, we have one set price that encompasses the entire journey.

  6. Are children allowed?

    It is important to note that most of our journeys are designed with adults in mind, including the itineraries, menus and alcohol service. If you would like to travel with children on these trips, we recommend that you consider only well-travelled, older (12-plus) children. For those who are interested in travelling with younger children, we are now offering our first itinerary designed specifically with families in mind, African Wonders, which is clearly designated in the trip information as a family-friendly journey. For more information about our child travel policy, or to discuss specific trip recommendations, please contact our Guest Relations team.

  7. What staff accompanies me on the journey?

    The on-board journey team includes your Four Seasons Concierge, Journey Manager, Assistant Journey Manager and Private Jet Chef, as well as an on-board physician who is chosen by our medical advisors at Boston MD from Harvard University. In addition, the experienced 14-person cabin and flight crew, which includes three pilots, are all equipped with proprietary Four Seasons service training to meet your every need in flight. We also send an Advance Travel Manager ahead to each destination to ensure all arrangements are in place before our arrival and provide additional support on the ground. Visit our service page for more information about the kind of personalised service and care you can expect throughout your journey.

  8. What kind of activities can I expect?

    We offer a range of planned excursions in each destination so that your experience can be fully customised based on your interests. From heli-flightseeing over the volcanoes in Kona to a hands-on Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai, there are many opportunities to personalize your trip of a lifetime. Your Guest Services Manager is available from the day you book to help you begin choosing your options, but you will also have the freedom and flexibility to change your selections closer to or even during the journey. This article from Four Seasons Magazine offers a guest’s perspective on the kinds of unique experiences and tailored activities to choose from on our trips.

  9. Are all tours done in groups?

    We offer a variety of options in each destination to ensure the experience is as unique as each of our guests. The most popular tours are conducted in small groups of 6 to 8 people maximum, with private tour guides for each group and social distancing practices in place to help ensure your safety. Most options have groups smaller than this, and all experiences are private to Four Seasons. No electronic touring devices are used, and all tours are conducted in English using the best local guides. Should you prefer to leave your days fully flexible or experience any activities on your own, we can also arrange personal tours just for you at an additional cost.

  10. What category room will I be staying in?

    We reserve the highest category deluxe rooms at each property as the included option. You will also have the option to upgrade to a wide variety of suites.

  11. Are all meals included?

    All meals are included in the cost of the trip, from the welcome dinner in the first destination through breakfast at your leisure on the final morning. You can expect at least one group meal per destination that incorporates an exciting event or local entertainment. We will provide a curated list of lunch and dinner options for your remaining meals, during which you will be free to dine on your own or with new friends. All of the in-flight menus are developed and overseen by your on-board Four Seasons Executive Chef throughout the journey. We endeavor to incorporate local flavours and ingredients to further enhance your dining experiences.

  12. What if I have special dietary restrictions?

    Your Guest Services Manager will contact you shortly after your booking is confirmed to obtain information about yourself, including any special dietary requirements. Our Executive Chef designs the in-flight menus with dietary restrictions in mind, and will oversee all meal preparation for on-board meals, gala events and meals served in the hotels. Your Four Seasons Concierge will also make every effort to ensure that all your dietary needs are met throughout the journey.

  13. What beverages are included?

    All beverages, including alcohol, are included while on board the private jet. All lunches and dinners include beer, soft drinks, wines by the glass, and liquors. Complimentary filtered water is available at all times while touring and in our hotels. 

  14. Does the journey include any insurance coverage?

    All private jet guests automatically receive emergency medical assistance, including coverage for up to USD 100,000 in medical evacuation and coverage for up to USD 50,000 in medical expenses for covered reasons. Optional trip cancellation insurance can also be purchased. Coverage for different situations, such as medical emergencies at home prior to or when on a trip, varies widely.

  15. What is not included in the trip cost?

    The program does not include: airfare to and from your home city; passport and visa fees; personal expenses such as laundry or telephone charges, optional additional activities, such as golf fees, spa services not covered by resort credits, private cars and drivers; and liquor and snacks consumed outside of the private jet and regular daily meals.

  16. Can you help with my commercial airline reservations?

    Your Guest Services Manager can assist with booking your commercial air to and from your home. Please note that due to increased airline restrictions, we are unable to book award reservations using air miles or mileage upgrades. 

  17. Do I need visas for the trip?

    Each itinerary has different visa requirements. When you book your trip, we will outline visa and passport requirements and help facilitate the procurement of any visas. Please note that every traveller will need a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the travel dates. 

  18. How much luggage am I allowed to bring, and who handles the luggage?

    You may bring two suitcases, along with a small bag and personal item. Your Assistant Journey Manager will be managing your luggage from the start of the journey until you arrive in the final destination. We will provide a detailed packing list closer to departure.

  19. What can I bring on board the aircraft?

    For carry-on luggage, we recommend one small bag for items such as books, iPads and personal items, along with one other personal bag such as a purse or camera bag. Most countries have similar liquid restrictions to TSA regulations, so any liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes taken onboard should be in containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. For your convenience, you can leave personal items on the aircraft that you plan to use only while on the jet. Your bags must fit in the overhead compartment or in the ottoman that is at your seat. Please keep in mind while packing your carry-on that you will be carrying it on and off the jet, often using jet stairs. A bespoke cabin bag is also provided for you on the jet and is yours to keep.

  20. What should I pack?

    Clothing varies by destination and activity, so we will provide you with a detailed packing list prior to your departure. Laundry services are available at all of our hotels, and we always recommend you leave extra space in your suitcase for shopping. For more specific details on packing, you are always welcome to contact your Guest Services Manager.

  21. Do you have a sustainability program?

    Four Seasons has a strong history of supporting our communities and the environment. Through our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program, Four Seasons for Good, we seek to preserve and regenerate the beautiful places in which we operate, and leave a positive, enduring impact on our communities.

    Four Seasons and our jet experience partner TCS World Travel (TCS) are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience. TCS complies with Four Seasons Supplier Code of Conduct, Environmental Policy and Human Rights Policy in its operation of the Jet. Additionally, all Four Seasons Jet Experience partners must comply with TCS parent company Travelopia’s Minimum Standards for Sustainable and Responsible Travel.

    To reduce carbon emissions, the new (Airbus A321neo) is one of the most fuel-efficient commercial jets available. The Jet generates significantly lower carbon emissions and engine noise than comparable aircraft. The Jet is routed, when possible, to reduce the need for repositioning flights and to avoid flying the Jet without passengers. Additionally, itineraries are designed so that passengers spend less time on the aircraft than if they were to visit each destination commercially. Emissions from each route are currently calculated and fully offset using high quality carbon offsets that meet Plan Vivo or Verra certifications. TCS and its parent company Travelopia are planning to invest in a climate and nature project designed to support blue carbon removal and storage, ocean-ecosystem restoration and community empowerment.

    In alignment with Four Seasons commitment to sustainable food and beverage, TCS is taking steps to source sustainably and locally, and reduce in-flight waste, including providing guests with reusable water bottles to reduce single use plastics.

    All Four Seasons Jet Experience partners, including safari operators, must adhere to the TCS parent company Travelopia’s Animal Welfare Policy, which ensures any animal interactions are carefully managed and aligned with the standards established by the Association of British Travel Agents’ Animal Welfare Guidelines. TCS supports the work of Gorilla Doctors, a group dedicated to conserving wild mountain and Eastern lowland gorillas through lifesaving, hands-on veterinary medicine in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Guests have the opportunity to engage with this project during visits to Rwanda. For every Jet trip, TCS World Travel donates USD 10,000 to the Vayu Foundation to support the development and distribution of innovative technologies to prevent maternal death during childbirth and non-invasive ventilators for infants in more than 22 countries.

    In addition to the actions being taken onboard the Jet, Four Seasons properties that are part of the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience itineraries also take part in local efforts to reduce environmental impact and create positive social impact. Each hotel has developed local initiatives that demonstrate their commitment to our values, and many of these efforts are available for guest participation. Each hotel’s specific Four Seasons for Good initiatives can be viewed on its webpage, found under Services and Amenities.

  22. Do you have any additional questions?

    Our Guest Relations and Guest Services departments are happy to assist in answering any of your questions. Please call +1 (888) 215-2728 (North America) or +1 (206) 753-0048 (worldwide), Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time, or email