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Ready to take your workout to the next level? Four Seasons can pair guests with proven, acclaimed athletes for one-on-one training lessons in sports that range from freediving to triathlon

5 Ways to Work Out Like a World-Class Athlete

Four Seasons hotels and resorts around the world offer exclusive experiences that help you up your game – from sparring with a Muay Thai champion in Koh Samui to hitting the links with a pro in Lanai.

No matter how far natural ability takes you, proving you’re the best demands thousands of hours of work and determination. Pro athletes know what it takes to win and have unbeatable insights that can advance fitness programs of any level – which makes them extremely valuable and effective trainers.

During these exclusive Four Seasons experiences, guests are paired with proven, acclaimed athletes for one-on-one training lessons in sports that range from freediving to triathlon. Work on your training regimen in Riyadh or master a unique fighting technique in Koh Samui – here are five ways to see the world (and yourself) through the eyes of a champion.

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The Jack Nicklaus-signature Manele Golf Course is built on lava outcroppings and features three holes perched on cliffs.

Tee off in Lanai

Take your golf game from good to great using the scientific precision of biometric data at the Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course at Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Resort.

The five-night program begins with a health consultation with physiologists, nutritionists and mindfulness coaches to provide personalised insight into how you can improve your game. Over the course of the program, a WHOOP wearable device will track your performance metrics with detailed video analysis and instruction.

“The opportunity to work with guests on their golf game really gives us a chance to dive deep through an honest assessment of what their game currently is, what their goals are and how we can get them to that point,” says Coach Scott Ashworth, PGA, Director of Golf. “By working with the practitioners at Sensei and sing technology such as the WHOOP Band, we gain a better understanding of focus areas for well-being to integrate with golf instruction and maximize guest’s enjoyment and potential.”

Improve your game in Lanai

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A team of highly experienced trainers offers a diverse range of skills that can help you make progress on your fitness goals.

Work out with a world-class trainer in Riyadh

It can be tempting to skip leg day while travelling, especially when your personal trainer is hundreds of miles away. If you want to take your fitness goals on the road, join the trainers at Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Center.

In partnership with 24N – one of the leading personal training programs in the Middle East – the Hotel and 24N trainers offer an intense fitness program, including physiotherapy, personalised training sessions and health coaching to provide nutritional guidance that compliments your workout schedule.

“What differentiates 24N Riyadh is the understanding that everyone is different,” says Luis De Vera, Chief Executive Officer at 24N Riyadh, “We assess, program, re-assess and tailor for personal needs. This ensures guests and members achieve their short-and long-term goals.”

Set your fitness goals in Riyadh

Swim, bike and trek like an Ironman in Kona

Whether you’re a budding triathlete or an elite competitor, there’s one man who can help you get better — six-time Ironman world champion Dave Scott, who is leading five-day clinics at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. In this brand-new triathlon training program, running from June 20–24 and December 5–9, you can smooth your swimming style, get faster at transitions, become more efficient on the bike, and run across the finish line in less time than ever.

I want to help drive athletes, and share the reasons why you can become better. – Dave Scott

“It’s very interactive — I’m not showing them how many muscles I have, but instead how to minimize their time and maximize their workouts.” Scott designed each day’s training session based on his own lessons learned, not only in swimming, biking and running, but also in nutrition, flexibility and injury prevention. “A lot of people think more is better, and I was my own worst enemy in my heyday of racing,” admits Scott, who now offers a more balanced approach to students. “Do what you can do at the moment. Be present. Be mindful. It adds calmness and it adds clarity.”

Prepare for a triathlon in Kona

Master Thailand’s ancient form of fighting

Athletes who commit to mastering Muay Thai – the centuries-old practice of fighting with eight points of contact – will emerge stronger both physically and mentally. They’ll also gain a new appreciation for Thai massage.

Surrounded by breezy palm trees in the Bill Bensley–designed training ring on the Gulf of Thailand, guests participating in the full-day Muay Thai Adventure at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui begin with lessons from a Muay Thai pro in the seaside ring. Together, students and the master focus on the fist, forearm, knee and shin strikes that earned for this form of kick-boxing the name “the Art of Eight Limbs.” At the Resort’s spa, the recovery is all-out, too: an herbal steam, cool-water leg massage, and full-body massage with essential oils of cloves, ylang-ylang and black pepper.

Train like a warrior in Koh Samui

Cap Ferrat pool

The same breathing techniques used by freedivers can help improve your mindfulness practices and help you relax.

Freedive in the French Riviera

Using breathwork to become a world-class athlete may not sound conventional, until you talk technique with a champion freediver. Learn their tips and tricks as part of the new Mindfulness and Wellbeing Program at Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel.

Led by freediving world champions Arthur Guérin-Boeri and Thomas Bouchard, the workshop takes a holistic view of health, based on the key pillars of exercise, relaxation, nature and wholesome food. Work on your asana and qigong under the Mediterranean sun, then head to the spa for a custom skin analysis and treatment session.

“Breathing, and even holding your breath, is a powerful and accessible way to balance your body and mind,” says Guérin-Boeri. “The connection with water makes the link even stronger. The program is open to everyone who wants to discover a unique relaxation experience, coming straight from our world-ranking expertise.”

After a day spent calming your mind, balance your body with a Michelin-starred meal prepared by Chef Yoric Tièche, made with greens from the Hotel’s garden.

Dive into adventure in Cap-Ferrat


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