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Deep-sea fishing is a favourite pastime of brothers Shep and Ian Murray, the founders of vineyard vines, who've tailored their brand based on the destinations and activities they love.

A Colourful Course

Discover the destinations that have inspired vineyard vines' bright hues and playful patterns, designed to transport the wearer to a carefree state of mind.

Shep and Ian Murray were miserable. Their New York City office jobs were a far cry from the lives they had envisioned during a childhood spent accompanying their journalist parents to destinations in Africa, Italy and Anguilla. So it was only fitting that on a trip back to that same island paradise, they developed an escape plan. “We were talking to a friend of ours, telling him about an idea we had to sell neckties,” Shep says. “He said, ‘What’s stopping you?’ ” The brothers accepted the challenge, and
vineyard vines was born.

As we visit different destinations, we try to put them into our clothes.

Nearly 20 years later, Shep and Ian’s passion project has become a household name, synonymous with apparel that’s equal parts polished and whimsical. “We started making ties first because we couldn’t find ones that were colourful, fun and well-made,” Ian says. The inspiration? Their many travels – past and present.

“As we visit different destinations, we try to put them into our clothes,” Shep says. “It’s an emotional thing. Every season, we take our customers somewhere new and introduce them to the landscape and people.”

As the place where it all began, the small Caribbean island of Anguilla remains near to their hearts. “The pace is slower, the beach days are a little longer, and the vibe is a little more barefoot and casual,” Ian says. “There’s an authenticity about it that we love.” The brothers aim to infuse each of their products with that same feeling, in particular using playful patterns with images of martinis, golf clubs and Windsurfers.

“‘Every day should feel this good’ is our way of life,” Shep says. “It’s a reminder not to take life too seriously, and it means different things to different people.”

vineyard vines founders

Ian (left) and Shep Murray, the founders of vineyard vines

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