Gauchos in Argentina

Among the one-of-a-kind experiences you can have on the Latin Escapes trip: Watch local gauchos show off their horsemanship during a special visit to Estancia la Bamba de Areco near Buenos Aires.

An Unforgettable Journey Through
Latin America

A Four Seasons Private Jet journey offers a chance to experience both undiscovered and familiar destinations in an immersive new way.

The eerie beauty of the Galápagos Islands, the vibrant flavours of Bogotá, the rich traditions of Buenos Aires: Experience the wonders of Central and South America as part of the newest Four Seasons Private Jet journey. We invite you to spend 16 blissful days (February 9–24, 2019) taking in the very best of five destinations – Miami, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and the Galápagos Islands – including behind-the-scenes experiences curated by our experts just for you. You’ll travel in style and comfort between extraordinary locales aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet, with Italian leather flatbed seats, Ghurka cabin bags and personal tablets for each passenger. Whether you’re a foodie, an adventurer, an aesthete or all three, you can customize every offering to fulfil your travel dreams.

“A big part of what we offer on our private jet trips is exclusivity and access, the ability to do things you never imagined were possible,” says Javier Loureiro, Director of Guest Experience for the Four Seasons Private Jet. “We handle the logistics and create the types of experiences that will make for treasured memories.” Although many details of this particular expedition have yet to be divulged, here are a few of our favourite moments – soon to be yours.


Begin your journey in Miami with a private dinner at the lavish Villa Casa Casuarina, former home of the late fashion designer Gianni Versace. The Miami manse was built in 1930 for the scion of the Standard Oil fortune. (Note the expertly manicured garden and showstopping gold-plated pool.) Need more Latin flavours in your life? Cruise Little Havana with the help of a local guide, who’ll lead you to the most authentic Cuban foods the neighborhood has to offer.

In Costa Rica, you’ll eye the sky with Franklin Chang Diaz, a native of Costa Rica and a former NASA astronaut. Gaze at the brilliant stars dotting the southern sky through a powerful GPS-guided telescope, and then feast on a meal that blends astronomy with gastronomy. “Your dinner that evening is catered by Four Seasons with an out-of-this-world tasting menu that includes cocktails infused with actual meteorite dust,” Loureiro says. Try dishes like cantaloupe and watermelon “molten sun” gazpacho, steak served with a space rock–infused sauce, or lime caviar “stars” – all inspired by Chiang Diaz’s time in orbit.

Caffeine connoisseurs will adore exploring Bogotá, Colombia, where you’ll learn about the complexities of one of Colombia’s major exports, coffee, from the pros at Hacienda San Alberto, a third-generation family farm. You’ll also take an expert-led tour through Paloquemao Market, a go-to shop for local chefs since the 1940s thanks to the fresh-picked produce. Don’t miss the edible cactus and indigenous fruits, such as the plum-like borojó, harvested in nearby rainforests.

On the jet itself, the onboard chef carefully accommodates all your culinary preferences, from haute cuisine to comfort food. After all, this is the trip of a lifetime and food and beverage is a piece of that.

Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica


After centuries of natural isolation and careful preservation, the remote Galápagos Islands are home to an incredible variety of marine species. During your four-night chartered cruise aboard the Silver Galápagos, you’ll likely spot sea lion pups frolicking on Floreana Island and huge sea turtles sunning themselves on white-sand beaches. Kayak along the coast and encounter manta rays and colourful fish, and then follow an inland trail on Santa Cruz Island past saltwater lagoons in search of the land iguanas that inspired Dragon Hill’s name. Return to the ship to recharge with a soothing massage.

In Costa Rica, you can don a harness and helmet and whiz over rainforest canopies and valleys via zip line, getting a macaw’s-eye-view of the adjacent Pacific Ocean. Be sure to keep a lookout in the treetops for sloths, which sleep an average of 15 hours per day, an inspirational sight while on vacation.

We take guests to the falls, tour privately with expert guides for a few hours, have lunch and get back to Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires in time for dinner. – Javier Loureiro, Director of Guest Experience

Near Buenos Aires, pay a special visit to Estancia la Bamba de Areco, one of the oldest ranches in Argentina, to watch local gauchos show off their horsemanship, guiding their sturdy mounts through the paces and skillfully tossing boleadoras in the air. Then join the gauchos for a traditional Argentine barbecue on the ranch property, where the oldest building on site – a former carriage house – dates to the 1700s.

One of Loureiro’s favourite activities? The day trip from Buenos Aires to Iguazú Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its astounding 275 waterfall drops. “Without our jet, this trip would take at least a couple of days and require an overnight stay at the falls area,” he says. “We can do it all in the same day, as we fly guests to the falls, tour privately with expert guides for a few hours, have lunch and get back to
Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires in time for dinner. All you have to do is step aboard the jet and enjoy.”

Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires


“I always ask myself questions when looking at different activities or options for our trips,” Loureiro says. “Can we make this private? Can the experience be personalized?” For art and design lovers, that often equates to insider access. Take a backstage peek at Buenos Aires’ 1908 Teatro Colón opera house – among the greatest concert venues on earth, on par with the Vienna State Opera and Milan’s Teatro alla Scala. Expert-led tours will give you the goods on Bogotá’s Museo Botero, with its Picassos and Dalís, or of the innovative galleries of Miami’s Design District.

You can dine in the presence of magnificence, too. “We always love showcasing iconic cultural institutions for our special dinners,” Loureiro says. “In Bogotá, we’ve arranged a festive dinner in the Museo Del Oro. We’ll have exclusive access to the museum, and then sit down to a dinner surrounded by one of the largest collections of gold artefacts in the world.” Admire the still-covetable ancient earrings and gold jaguar figurines in the gilded collection.

One of the best parts of the Four Seasons Private Jet journey is coming home to Four Seasons hotels after your outings. For example, in Buenos Aires, you may spend the day shopping your way through the “Paris of South America,” but you can return to Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires for a signature spa treatment, combining the natural antioxidant properties of red wine and therapeutic massage choreographed to the beat of tango music. Partly housed in an early 20th century belle époque–style mansion, the Hotel also welcomes you to its inviting outdoor pool, garden terrace and E-Lounge –perfect spots to relax before launching the next leg of your trip.

Four Seasons Hotel Bogota

Once you’ve discovered these Latin American destinations, consider other
Four Seasons Private Jet itineraries for 2019. Snorkel with blacktip lagoon sharks in Bora Bora and take a day trip to the Taj Mahal on the Timeless Encounters trip. Or enjoy a hot-air balloon ride over the Serengeti, learn samurai sword moves in Kyoto and indulge in pampering spa treatments under the stars in the Maldives with International Intrigue. By taking advantage of the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, you can explore the world as never before.


See the world in a whole new way.