Обзор отеля

  • Sweeping aerial view of Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens along waterfront
  • Arion Royal Suite living area with white sofas, square coffee table, arm chairs, dining table in background, floor-to-ceiling window with view of plunge pool and Mediterranean Sea
  • Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens balcony chairs, table with books, overlooking sea, trees, mountains
  • Plunge swimming pool on deck outside Bungalow Suite
  • Ancient ruins stand near water under sky with clouds
  • A sail boat sails in the distance while white lounge chairs are ready for guests and lined up next to the oceanside Nafsika Pool in Athens.
  • Outdoor taverna next to ocean with three wooden tables and chairs, three wooden lamps
  • Ancient ruins of Acropolis on mountain surrounded by greenery

Варианты размещения

  • Bedroom with an illuminated wooden accent wall, white king bed, desk and chair, and sliding door to patio
    Бунгало с видом на море
  • Living area with three-seat grey sofa and two arm chairs opens up to private deck with pool
    Люкс-бунгало с бассейном и видом на море
  • Люкс-бунгало с бассейном и видом на сад
  • Hotel room with white king bed, modern wooden dresser and wooden accent wall, sofa, walk-out balcony
    Номер Nafsika с видом на море
  • Bedroom with white king bed, sofa at the end of the bed, two square leather ottomans, sliding glass door with sea view
    Номер Arion с видом на море
  • Arion Corner Suite hotel bed, tables, open balcony door with water views
    Люкс Arion Junior с видом на море
  • Light-filled living room with off-white sofa and arm chair, plus dining area, looking out to sea
    Люкс Arion с одной спальней и видом на море
  • Nafsika Sea View Suite with king bed and white linens, corner arm chair, flat screen TV, sliding glass doors leading to balcony, ocean views
    Люкс Nafsika с одной спальней и видом на море
  • Terrace with staircase and glass infinity pool, a woman wearing white bikini in pool looks out to sea
    Люкс Nafsika с бассейном и террасой с видом на море
  • Arion Sea View Suite with white bedding, balcony with chairs overlooking ocean
    Люкс Arion с панорамным видом на море
  • White king bed, wooden accent wall, contemporary night stand and dresser, wall of windows with sea view
    Люкс Nafsika Ambassador

Рестораны и бары

  • Round dining tables, each with three modern chairs, on restaurant terrace overlooking the sea in Athens
  • Mercato Restaurant with set tables, bar and terrace view
  • Woman in orange top sets wooden table at outdoor Taverna with wooden lanterns by ocean
  • Helios outdoor restaurant with beige benches, modern tables, greenery, surrounding pool and ocean
  • Wooden chairs with white cushions surrounding small round table by ocean with boat at Astron Terrace
    Лаунж с террасой Astron
  • Aerial view of a contemporary restaurant with two-storey windows looking out to sea
    Лаунж с террасой Avra
  • A dimly lit cigar lounge, showing three arm chairs and different sized framed artwork on wall
  • Family of five enjoys a meal outside next to the plunge pool, a sailboat on the Mediterranean in the background
    Обслуживание в номере
  • A dining table with two chairs is set on a private rocky peninsula next to the sea

    Приватный ужин