Whether it’s by land or sea, Punta Mita’s unspoiled tropical paradise offers something for everyone. Focus on wellness with yoga on the beach, connect with your loved one during a romantic sunset cruise, explore the land by horseback, or immerse yourself in our local cuisine during a private dinner with your family. Let these sample activities inspire your next vacation in Mexico.

Wellness Enthusiasts

  • Singing bowls for wellness
    Sound Healing

    Experience the healing vibrations of Tibetan bowls – balance your energy centers and clear your meridians as you restore harmony in this powerful experience.

  • Woman with eyes closed lays on rolled up towel on spa table under therapists' hovering hands

    Channel your Chi (the vital energy surrounding us) as you clear your Jing Luo (meridians) to reduce physical and mental discomfort.

  • Silhouette of woman sitting cross-legged, meditating on rock by ocean

    When meditating the nervous system is able to rest, resulting in relaxation and improved whole-body function. Increase mental focus, improve brain function and feel calmer with our guided meditation. 50 minute session: MXN 1,100.

  • Woman stretches, holds leg in yoga pose on beach at sunrise
    Hatha Yoga

    An instructor will guide you from one pose to the another, connecting conscious breath with movement while keeping the awareness of the present moment.

  • Man, two women in yoga poses on paddle boards on swimming pool
    Aqua Forza

    Held on a floating board, this class uses individual body weight in balance and exercise movements to strengthen muscles, improve core stability, and increase blood circulation. Try Strength and Conditioning or AquaYoga.

  • Two women on cardio bike machines face each other on stone patio in open-air fitness centre
    Ocean View Spin

    This energizing spin class mixed with intense exercise offers an inspirational view and an engaging all-over body workout.

  • Four Seasons trainer watches as two men squat, lift kettlebell weights on lawn
    Beach Boot Camp

    This beach workout uses light equipment to work all muscles and improve balance and endurance.

  • A woman in a pink hoodie stretching on a beach.

    This hardcore High-Intensity Interval Training class uses all muscle groups in 30-second to one-minute intervals. Challenging sequences burn fat and boost metabolism.

  • Woman sitting in hanging basket chair next to outdoor pool
    Happy Feet

    Never leave your pool chair. Happy Feet is a poolside 25-minute foot and lower leg exfoliation and massage using local ingredients.

  • An overhead view of a golf course, sun shining brightly in the sky.

    Take advantage of exclusive access to two of the world’s most renowned private golf courses at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita. Breathtaking views are complemented by pristine course conditions – and Tail of the Whale offers a bucket list opportunity to play the world’s only natural island green.

  • Aerial view of woman with tennis racket serving ball over net to man on court

    Take part in our daily lessons and clinics with our PBI (Peter Burwash International) pros, or let us match you with other singles or doubles players. For larger groups, clinics, tournaments, socials, camps or tennis carnivals can be arranged.

Hopeless Romantics

  • Couple stands on The Rock outpost at dusk, overlooking ocean with private dining table with lanterns, torches
    Romantic Dinner

    Connect with your partner in an ultra-romantic setting. Choose between “The Rock,” our iconic cliffside point, the beach, our poolside garden or the privacy of your villa or beach home.

  • A man and woman sit entangled on a white leather bench seat in a boat as the sun shines on them from behind
    Sunset Cruise

    Take your romance up a notch with a perfect evening on our private cruise for an unforgettable sunset getaway.

  • A woman and man lounge under a thatched roof cabana at pool
    Private Cabanas

    Perfect for couples, private cabanas at the adults-only Tamai Pool can be booked for the day, with full food and beverage service.


  • A young boy reaches for a chip bowl on table as a woman and man sit on either side, ocean in the background
    Private Dining

    When going out seems like too much effort, take advantage of your spacious private terrace – shirts and shoes optional.

  • Sea Foraging

    Forage with our Executive Chef. Wade into the Pacific waters to collect seaweed, octopus and sea urchins with your own two hands. Executive Chef Jorge González will share his culinary insights and prepare your private dinner using your foraged finds, paired with your preferred Mexican spirits.

  • Octopus Catch & Cook

    This signature Punta Mita activity offers guests the ultimate ocean to table experience. Proper free-diving and octopus fishing techniques are taught by certified diving instructors. Your fresh catch is then transformed in to signature octopus dishes in partnership with our Chef for a truly memorable day.

  • A tray of fish covered in ice.
    Catch Of The Day

    Three times a week, the chef gathers guests on the beach to participate in our famous "Catch of the Day" program, where guests can work with the chef to choose from a variety of fresh seafood directly from a local fishing boat. The chef will prepare selections as requested.

  • Sea To Table

    Set sail from Mexico’s southwest coast for a day of spearfishing for mahi mahi. When you return to the Resort, our chef will expertly prepare your catch in one of our restaurants – or in your villa.

  • A playful "Churro Cart" set along the beach
    Churro Cart

    Smell the sweet aroma of cinnamon sugar from a mile away. When our traveling Churro Cart shows up, don’t even try to resist these delicious hot snacks, freshly prepared by our chef. Provecho!

Learn more about our food and beverage offerings. Details

Culture Explorers

Immerse yourself in Punta Mita's rich history and culture with one or more of these exhilarating activities – tailored to both children and adults.

For Adults

  • Huichol Workshop

    Learn the symbolism and belief system of the local Huichol people while creating a piece of art using the glass beading techniques of the native people of Nayarit.

  • Dreamcatcher Workshop

    Create a beautiful dreamcatcher, using materials inspired by Lakota traditions – and learn about this iconic Mexican symbol.

  • Close-up of hands holding dark wood bowl, shaking crushed cocoa
    Xocolatl Workshop

    Learn the origin, preparation and history of cocoa while creating your own custom Mexican chocolate bar.

  • Tequila tasting, rows of wine glasses and cheese plates on table near tequila taps
    Tequila Blending Experience

    The best tequila is the one you blend yourself. Learn how tequila develops its taste, aroma and color. A guided tasting helps you discern your personal preferences. Use that knowledge to create your own blended tequila and bottle it in a traditional vessel to share with friends and family back home.

  • Tequila Tasting

    Explore the four varietals of tequila through a guided tasting and learn about the origin of this traditional Mexican spirit.

  • Mezcal Tasting

    Discover tequila’s smoky cousin – the very trendy mezcal. Mezcal is taking its well-deserved place consumer taste – a guided tasting educates on the range of flavors in this spirit.

  • Chunks of chocolate, cocoa powder and coffee beans in a burlap sack
    Xocolatl Tasting

    Learn about the origins of cocoa in Mesoamérica including its use as currency and the evolution of taste. Taste chocolate from different historical periods to further enhance your knowledge.

  • A woman holding a woven disc by the ocean.
    Huichol Lecture

    The Huichol people are known as the witness of time and have remained unaltered through the years. Learn their language, religion, government and traditions.

  • Punta Mita History

    Discover the incredible details of the history of Punta Mita from the time before the conquest.

  • This image depicts a group of baby sea turtles moving on a beach with the sun in the distance, and is connected to ESG and sustainability
    Sea Turtle Release

    Give new meaning to the saying ‘if you love, something set it free’ as you release Olive Ridley sea turtle hatchlings into the sea. These tiny Banderas Bay natives will make you proud as they embark on their life adventure.

  • A book is opened, with pages fanned, lamp and stacks of books in background
    Spanish Class

    Make the most of your time in Mexico to learn some basic Spanish phrases.

For Kids

  • Catrina Workshop

    Decorate a ceramic “Catrina” doll while learning the meaning and origin of this Mexican icon.

  • Huichol Workshop

    Create a piece of traditional beaded art following the ancestral techniques used by the Huichol tribe.

  • Small bowls of ground roasted cocoa beans, sugar, red chiles
    Xocolatl Workshop

    Create custom Mexican chocolate bars using local ingredients decorated with sprinkles, sugar balls and gummy candies.

Kids for All Seasons

  • Private piñata party

    Experience a Mexican tradition! Swing at a piñata and learn the piñata song (Dale Dale Dale). Lots of candies and fun!

Adventure Seekers

  • By Land

    Horseback Riding

  • Woman wearing harness walks on ropes above trees
    By Air

    Canopy Adventure

  • Scuba diver underwater by large school of tropical fish
    By Sea

    Scuba Diving

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