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All programs are available upon request. Apart from these programs, you can also book private, couples, semi-private and group sessions for meditation and other training programs. Programs are available as singles and in bundles.


Resident Trainer Alexander Wood poses with workout equipment in the fitness centre

Alexander Wood

Resident Trainer
Alexander Wood began his journey into fitness in the United Kingdom in 2006, where he spent three years studying Sport Science and Coaching Development and eventually earned Level 2 Gym Instructor qualifications. He then worked at a sports centre, where he continued his learning and earned his Level 3 Personal Training and Nutrition qualifications. After moving to Japan, he took an interest in the mental aspect of wellness and regularly began practicing Shinrin-Yoku (Japanese forest bathing). Wood would be pleased to offer his knowledge on the mountains of Higashiyama.
Wood’s areas of expertise
Personal Training, HIIT, Circuit Training, Boot Camp, TRX Flexibility Stretching, PNF Stretching and Shinrin-Yoku
Resident Trainer Sota Sasauchi poses in front of the treadmills in the fitness centre

Sota Sasauchi

Resident Trainer
After graduating from a sports trainer vocational school, Sota Sasauchi began working in a fitness gym with his newly acquired Fitness Instructor and Personal Training qualifications. Teaching machine instruction and studio lessons, he also worked with professional youth soccer club infrastructure and American football teams as a student trainer. He then moved on to a major hot yoga company, where he was in charge of personal training and yoga lessons, then operations and instructor assessments.
Sasauchi’s areas of expertise
Personal Training, Personal Stretching, Sports Massage, HIIT, Yoga and Barbell Training

Stone Therapy

Stone therapist Sayaka Marumine poses with a tray of stones in the Spa

Sayaka Marumine

Stone Therapist
After being hospitalized herself and receiving alternative natural remedies, Sayaka Marumine became interested in learning more about therapy. She left her natural remedy school and worked in body and beauty salons for a decade before moving in 2018 to Kyoto and arriving at our Hotel. Since her arrival, she has been learning about Rustone Therapy and specializes in freelance stone therapy and candle working.
Marumine’s area of expertise
Stone therapy


Yoga instructor Sandra Fang

Sandra Fang

Yoga Instructor
Sandra Fang first discovered yoga as a college student in Vancouver when she noticed how it was helping her with her physical and emotional health. After graduating with a degree in kinesiology, she moved to Japan in 2009 to fulfill her curiosity of living in a new country. She took her first yoga teacher training in Osaka, and continued to travel and study vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and prenatal yoga with instructors from around the world. Throughout her career, yoga has inspired her to live her life to the fullest. Fang is a proud Chinese-Canadian and moved to Japan in 2009. She currently lives in Kyoto with her husband and son.
Fang’s areas of expertise
Vinyasa, yin and prenatal yoga
Let us arrange a personalized wellness session for you. +81 75 541 8288 Email