Discover a brand-new collaboration between Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village and the acclaimed Malibu Contemporary Fine Art Gallery. Guests can visit the gallery for a journey that evokes a sensory experience sure to leave you with a southern California state of mind. The Art Gallery is located on the Hotel’s Mezzanine Level, adjacent to the Spa, and features a variety of accomplished artists from the region.

Featured Artists

  • A painting of a coastline and cliff in a gold frame.

    Lori Mills

    Known for her oil paintings, Mills has been painting since she was 13 years old, blending oil painting skills with five decades of California living to bring about the perfect marriage of her two passions. Her evolution into oil painting allows her to introduce other elements to this union and extend her range of talent. The use of emotion to incite passion has allowed Mills to challenge the boundaries of oil painting, using weightlessness to tell stories and explore the depths of movement and composition.
  • A painting of a sunrise and palm trees on a surf board.

    Bobbi Bennett

    Bennett is a California-based photographer known for creating environments either in the studio or on location. Her photographs have been shown in the Louvre. Founder of Stoked Surfboards, Bennett blends her skills as a nationally recognized photographer with surf culture – creating surfboards as art.
  • A pink and blue painting of a wave in the ocean.

    Will Pierce

    Award-winning artist Pierce is known for his painterly seascapes and impressionistic technique. In his work, he captures moments in nature with a connection to light, atmosphere and movement – making his work important to the growing genre of contemporary fine art photography in the art world.
  • A painting of a woman lounging next to the ocean, it has a very simple style.

    Daniela Schweitzer

    People, human gestures and the simple beauty of everyday events inspire Schweitzer to paint – she loves capturing people as they go about their daily lives. Schweitzer’s beachy figurative abstractions don’t emphasize classical figures or portrait painting but rather reflect the appreciation for human connections, the inclination for the simplicity of everyday happenings, and the intersection of her memories and new experiences.
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