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Four Seasons invites you to dream bigger with our collection of one-of-a-kind, exclusive Washington, D.C. activities. Let us help you have the time of your life – and perhaps check off personal bucket list items too. At Four Seasons, we specialize in making lifetime memories.

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Bourbon on Ice

  • Savour a romantic dinner under the stars in a private, heated ice dome on the Bourbon Steak patio. This one-of-a-kind dining adventure is made complete with wintry cocktails and menu items and glow-in-the-dark lawn games. A Washington, D.C. must.

Night Spa

  • Close-up of hands massaging salt on woman's bare back as she lays with eyes closed on massage table
    Night Spa

    Slip into a state of pure bliss together with your loved one. Start with a personalized Bourbon Steak dining experience, end with bliss at the 4-Diamond Spa, where a night of private, custom-designed pampering awaits.