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The Wellness & Bio Bar at the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto has curated customized bespoke rituals for guests living with cancer or who have a history of living with cancer. These rituals have been created to address specific skin conditions while supporting the body's immune system, improving the range of motion, enhancing the lymphatic system, encouraging better sleep, reducing pain and inflammation, and releasing scar tissue.

Every guest will be greeted with confidence, compassion and the reassurance that we can aid in improving their comfort and quality of life one ritual at a time.

Monday – Thursday (Weekday Price) | Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays (Weekend Price) 

To enhance your wellness journey, kindly be advised that reservations for treatments 90 minutes or longer are solely offered on Saturdays and Sundays.

Touch Therapy Rituals
Touch therapy rituals have been carefully curated to address the specific needs of guests who have endured cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and various surgeries. Our expert therapists will help choose which rituals are best suited to incorporate into each guest’s bespoke wellness treatment based on their needs.

Peripheral Neuropathy and Hand and Foot Syndrome
An ideal ritual for the hands and feet to reduce the effects of chemotherapy. This powerful Brazilian experience induces a deep state of balance and relaxation as it stimulates circulation around the nails.

Scar Tissue Release
This treatment was purposefully developed to address scar tissue and adhesions to minimize the appearance of scars and improve overall elasticity.

Head and Scalp Massage
The comforting touch of a head and scalp massage will help stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles to enhance hair growth and reduce scalp irritation.

Lymphatic Support
We have curated a lymphatic support ritual consisting of slow and deliberate movements. The technique used encourages lymphatic flow and is deeply relaxing while equally detoxifying.