1-11-1 Pacific Century Place

SUI ~粋~

October 1 – November 30, 2018


During the transition of the seasons change, it is predisposed to lose the balance of your mind and body.  This new 90 minute full body treatment recharges the energy using the hot stones and the eriobotryae folium leaf extract which is renowned for multiple of efficacy.  Enjoy the glorious and relaxing moment followed by the massage using the original aroma oil with the plant extract.

The treatment starts with warming up your feet with the Epsom Salt and the eriobotryae(BIWA) folium leaf extract in the foot bath.  Hot stone then relieves the stiffness of the body parts with the main active component of the eriobotryae folium leaf extract penetrating to your body inside. Vitamin ingredients from the eriobotryae folium leaf is superior in purifying blood and it conduces better blood circulation. Thus, it encourages to resolve chronic fatigue and dullness of the skin color.   After the entire muscle is free from the tense, the treatment continues with the aroma oil massage with full of natural plant and Japanese Kampo essence.

You may choose the aroma oil from our selections by constitution of your mood and the body.

Offer valid only October 1 through November 30.



JPY24,500 for 90 minutes



JPY28,500 for 90 minutes


Note: Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice. All prices are subject to consumption tax and 15% service charge.