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Start with a plate of artisan prosciutto and regional cheeses, and embark on a culinary tour of Italy with our menu of authentic Italian cuisine, then linger for a while in the ultra-stylish lounge for a post-dinner digestif.


Tuesday – Sunday
5:00 pm – 12:00 midnight

Signature Dishes

  • Chef dishes out spaghetti noodles piled on plate next to fresh vegetables
    Homemade pasta

    Italian cooking is inspired by the pure flavours of high-quality ingredients, and Percorso ensures the finest – from homemade pastas to the first-choice meats from Piedmont and Tuscany.

  • ?Senatore Cappelli? spaghettoni, guanciale, tomato sauce, pecorino

    “Senatore Cappelli” Spaghettoni, Guanciale, Tomato Sauce, Pecorino

  • Braised beef meatballs, zucchini, garlic, tomato sauce in copper pan atop white plate

    Braised Beef Meatballs, Zucchini, Garlic, Tomato Sauce

  • Chuck roll beef carpaccio, arugula salad, Parmesan cheese

    Chuck Roll Beef Carpaccio, Arugula Salad, Parmesan Cheese

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The Team

Sommelier Evgeny Sinichenko

Evgeny started his career in food and beverage as a waiter and bartender, but he soon realized that he would like to really understand wines at a different level. This curiosity lead him through the extensive, multi-level training at British Sommelier School WSET, before going on to work in far-flung places such as Dubai, Moscow, luxury cruise ships and other high-end hotels in St. Petersburg Now at Four Seasons, he has access to one of the city’s most extensive wine cellars and loves to pair guests with their perfect bottle.

“Many people ask me about my favorite wine. For me, wine is philosophy. This means many factors have influence over choice of wine and how to combine it with dishes – the season, the mood I am in, the food I am contemplating.”


  • Wine & Dine

    This summer, enjoy Wine & Dine evenings at Percorso, our ultra-stylish Italian restaurant and bar. An exquisite five-course menu is accompanied by a selection of fine wines from different regions of Italy and complemented by pleasant conversation with Hotel’s Chef Sommelier Evgeny Sinichenko. Contact us for upcoming dates.

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