Our Resort is built in and around a slope of granite boulders and lush forest, fringing the beach and the coral reefs beyond, which together create a fascinating environment to explore and experience the flora and fauna of Seychelles. Through our partnerships with local environmental organizations and our marine education and conservation partner WiseOceans, we seek to showcase our commitment to sustainability, while promoting education and engagement opportunities for our guests.


  • WiseOceans educator pointing at wall poster in front of group
    Snorkelling with WiseOceans

    Explore the sparkling blue ocean and all of its natural treasures with our friendly and knowledgeable WiseOceans Marine Educator. Start the session by learning about the different wonders you may encounter underwater before heading inside. Depending on the time of year, you might find yourself swimming with sea turtles only a few metres from the shore. Stop by the Coral Cabana at the beach to learn more about WiseOceans’ activities and how you can make an impact. Private Guided Snorkel: EUR 60 per person (90 minutes); Weekly Snorkel Lesson: EUR 50 per person (45 minutes).

  • Five people in wetsuits walking into ocean holding surfboards, kayaks on beach under palm tree
    Non-Motorized Watersports

    A variety of eco-friendly water sports are available on-site to help you discover the marine environment while keeping fit. Try your hand at surfing, kayaking, sailing or stand-up paddleboarding. While out there, keep a look out for interesting wildlife such as seabirds, turtles and rays.

  • Overview of Villa nested among greenery, ocean and rocky shore below
    Landscape Tour

    Our Resort was formerly a fruit plantation, and you can see how many of the trees were maintained on-site as you explore the grounds. Pick fruits such as mango, starfruit, jackfruit, and noni while learning about their uses in cooking, spa and healing. Speak to the Concierge to book this complimentary tour.

  • Underwater view of woman diving down to coral reef
    Love Grows Beautiful Things: A Petite Anse Reef Restoration Project

    Donate to the restoration of a rescued coral fragment as you join our WiseOceans Marine Educator in this interactive and educational session. Begin by attaching your coral to a solid steel surface before heading into our Coral Nursery, just off the shore of Petite Anse bay. As your coral grows bigger and stronger, our Marine Educator will keep in touch to share the progress with you. Couple’s Experience: EUR 150 per couple (2 hours); Sponsor the Reef: 1 metre – EUR 100 / 2 metres – EUR 150 / 4 metres – EUR 250.

  • Sea turtle crawls across sand beach towards ocean tide
    Turtle Watching (September to March)

    Petite Anse beach is a nesting site for the hawksbill turtle. Watch out for fresh tracks when strolling on the beach, especially during the peak season from November to January. We also sometimes see baby turtles that wash up onshore due to weather or tides. Please remember not to disturb, obstruct or touch the nesting turtles, as well as inform the WiseOceans or Pool and Beach team immediately of any encounters.

Our Sustainability Efforts

We are committed to achieving sustainable practices to conserve natural resources and safeguard the local environment.
Minimizing Plastic
In our mission to be plastic free, we no longer use any plastic straws or water bottles. Our water is produced and bottled into glass bottles in-house. Straws are made from plants and, on the beach, bamboo straws are used for drinks and fresh coconuts.
Energy Efficiency
To save energy, a nightly power-saving check is conducted to ensure that all unnecessary sources of energy and light are switched off. All lights around the Resort have also been replaced with LED bulbs. Our air conditioning units are fitted with a heat recovery system. In this process, the heat being removed by the air conditioning is directly transferred to the hot water tank to support the heating of the water to a fixed temperature, while reducing the need for further energy consumption.
Chemical Free
The cleaning agents used throughout the resort are chemical free and sourced from brands with a green footprint.
Our Spa and villa shower amenity bottles are reusable and sustainably produced. To ensure maximum use of our water supply, waste water is treated in house and used for landscaping purposes. The kitchen and engine oil, batteries, glass bottles and tyres are collected by a local, contracted partner to further recycle the items off-site.
Sourcing Locally
Aside from codfish, all our seafood, including yellowfin tuna, wahoo, grouper, snapper, jobfish, mahi mahi, calamari and octopus, are sourced through local fishermen. Many of our fruits, such as mango, papaya, coconut, starfruit and more, are picked from trees within the Resort premises, when available seasonally, while others are sourced locally.