Immerse in the luxurious cuisine and culture of Dubai.

Taste of Place is a collection of culinary and beverage experiences inviting you to sample local food culture in Four Seasons destinations around the world. At participating properties, travellers and locals with an appetite for exploration can enjoy exclusive tours, tastings, classes and dining experiences — each orchestrated by area experts and unfolding in unforgettable settings.

At Four Seasons Dubai, we believe that food is a fundamental extension of identity through which we are able to access cultural information. Due to its position linking the East and West, Dubai has seen influence from every corner of the globe. At many levels, Dubai is a food-centric city and this experience hopes to create a depth of storytelling that has been absent from narratives about this city

Day One

Gain an understanding of the character and culture of Dubai as you explore the Bur Dubai, Deira and Satwa regions.
 Day One Includes: 
  • Breakfast at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding
  • Sampling of traditional Emirati breakfast with informal cultural education
  • Tea at an Arabian tea house and a visit to the spice market
  • Afternoon lunch at Ravi’s (original Satwa location)
  • Dinner at Bu Qtair, Smiling BKK + Chai Karak

Day Two

Enjoy unparalleled levels of luxury and service in the Downtown, DIFC and Jumeirah areas and witness Dubai’s inspirational growth. This is evident in the culinary experience and the wealth of ingredients chefs have at their fingertips when creating dishes.

 Day Two Includes:

Day Three

Embark on a luxury desert Safari, highlighting the desert landscapes as well as local food and culture. 

Three-day experience: AED 10,000 – 15,000 (price may vary)

The price will be inclusive of private transportation to and from locations.