Room With a View

Our riverside Hotel in the heart of Prague, surrounded by centuries of architecture and featuring one-of-a-kind views, opens the window to the best the city has to offer.

The Best of Prague

  • Vltava River with bridges across, boats in water, landmarks on banks
    Walk Through History

    Our Hotel is located in walking distance from the main city attractions. Step onto the streets of the Golden City and explore a unique blend of architectural styles. From mysterious Gothic churches, exquisite baroque palaces and grand art nouveau townhouses to distinct cubist villas and modern galleries, a walk around Prague will leave you constantly inspired.

  • Couple embracing and smiling by statue with Prague Castle in backdrop
    Escape to the Garden

    Return to your childhood and spend the summer in nature. Visit the six gardens below Prague Castle and explore a variety of landscaping styles and botanical wonders. Get lost in a hedge maze, rest under majestic trees and let yourself be enchanted by the scent of blossoming roses.

  • A woman on a boat floating down water near an old city.
    Ahoy from Prague

    They say life is a beach, but when in Prague, life is a boat. Enjoy the city from a new perspective aboard our charming wooden boat as you sip a glass of Prosecco and marvel over the centuries-old banks of the Vltava River.

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  • Wheel, dashboard, leather seats of classic luxury car
    Ride Through Time

    Hop on a historic car and explore cobbled streets, iconic landmarks and centuries of history. With each turn, you’ll find yourself transported to a different era, savouring the essence of Prague’s rich heritage while creating memories to cherish forever.

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  • Sunlight streams through window to corner of sofa, white armchair with blanket on arm, reading lamp, art piece on wall
    Find Your Muse

    Does art imitate life, or is it the other way around? You don’t have to venture far to find the answer. Our Hotel is decorated with paintings and statues by famous Czech artists. From works created by old masters at the National Gallery to the biggest names on the Czech scene showcased at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague is home to true visual masterpieces. Let us arrange a private tour that will leave an everlasting mark on your soul.

  • Meet the Artist

    Let art brighten up your day. Meet the talented painter behind our pop-up selling exhibition, local artist Petra McGrath, who will take you on a guided tour around the hotel, present each painting and reveal the inner workings of her creative mind.

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  • Hands with pink nails hold pink crystal vase atop glass-cutting machine
    Unveil the Art of Glass

    Discover traditional handmade Czech crystal or glassworks at the Rückl glassworks factory in Nižbor, a picturesque village in central Bohemia. Meet and interact with the craftspeople, witness the magic of mouth-blowing and glass engraving, and see the painter’s studio

  • Two black-and-white ceramic candles set on round black table with green vase in backdrop
    Take Prague Home

    Inspired by the Hotel´s signature room fragrance and crafted with only the finest ingredients, the Prague Potion candle packed in a cubist-style cup is a floral-woody celebration of the Czech lands and its rich heritage. ​Light the candle and let the memories of your vacation flow.

  • Espresso machine in use
    But First, Coffee

    No matter your preference, be it black coffee or a frothy delight, a delightful cup is never far away. Immerse yourself in Prague’s bustling café culture and venture to one of the city’s cherished destinations. Enjoy your preferred beverage at a traditional Viennese-style café or indulge in contemporary bistros.

  • Woman in metallic sequin dress walks through doorway
    Fashion Therapy

    Experience Prague’s fashion scene like never before with a touch of bespoke luxury. Discover hidden boutiques that feature talented local up-and-comers, or visit the esteemed ateliers of renowned Czech fashion designers, including the visionary Zuzana Kubickova. Elevate your wardrobe with unique and custom-made pieces that reflect your individual style.

  • Close-up of musician's arms and hands playing an electric guitar with drumset in the background.
    Follow the Sounds

    Experience the pulsating beat of Europe’s lively core, a muse that has ignited the creativity of musical composers throughout the ages. Whether it’s the captivating melodies of classical masterpieces resonating in majestic venues or the vibrant ambiance of stylish nightclubs and parties, our expert team is dedicated to curating a personalized night brimming with musical enchantment.

  • Clear cocktail in tall wine glass and bowl of green olives in wooden tray on marble table
    Tour de Bar

    Begin at our modern and cosy CottoCrudo bar with a surprising blend of local ingredients, Italian charm and a bit of vermouth, and then discover the spirited local bar scene, where the heart of the city comes to life after dusk.

  • A woman receiving a facial massage with round stones.
    Pamper Yourself

    Indulge in true luxury, beauty and renewal at AVA Spa. Inspired by Czech spa traditions and the transformative power of water, our historic neoclassical building overlooking Prague Castle offers pampering and authentic well-being experiences.

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  • Lantern hangs over Vitality spa pool with white lounge chairs on side, rolled white towels under mirrors
    Jump in the Waters

    Experience the soothing benefits of hydrotherapy as you immerse yourself in our tranquil vitality pool. Designed with your well-being in mind, our pool offers a variety of massage jets and accessories to provide gentle relief for any discomfort or ailments you may have. Allow yourself to be embraced by the calming waters as your body heals and rejuvenates in an atmosphere of understated luxury.

  • Feel the City’s Beat

    Lace up your running shoes and explore the city in a revitalizing way. Let the rhythm of your heartbeat synchronize with the pulse of Prague as you embrace the ultimate fusion of well-being and stunning scenery during your stay.

Choose Your Room With a View

  • Premier River Room

    Whether you’re looking for Old European charm or your style leans more modern, these signature rooms come in two design options, but the beautiful views over the Vltava remain the same.
  • River Suite

    With windows facing both west and south, you can wake up to views of Charles Bridge that will make you feel as though you can reach out and touch it, then watch the sun set over Prague Castle from your living room.
  • Charles Bridge Presidential Suite

    Featuring an oversized living room with a dining area for large family vacations and parties, the suite has a separate entrance to the living room and to a pantry. The warm and spacy bedroom offers the most stunning view of Charles Bridge.
  • Prague Castle Presidential Suite

    Large windows in the living room and bedroom flood this suite in natural light, with the breathtaking views of the city’s major sights, including the iconic Prague Castle, on full display. The suite is located on the top floor of the Hotel.
  • Royal Suite

    Secluded on the second level of our originally 16th-century Baroque Building, our largest suite boasts rich red-and-gold décor and a bedside view of medieval Charles Bridge that will make you feel as though you can reach out and touch it.
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