In 1999, the iconic George V became part of the Four Seasons family. To mark 20 years of outstanding craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris celebrates its talents – most notably world-renowned Artistic Director Jeff Leatham and acclaimed Sommelier Eric Beaumard.

Jeff Leatham, Artistic Director

Flowers really changed my life. They brought me to Paris, and Paris changed my life.

Jeff Leatham Artistic Director
Jeff Leatham joined Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris in 1999 as a florist. His unique approach to how flowers can transform the guest experience soon sparked a revolution in hospitality design. It did not take long for the Hotel to gain its reputation as “the flower hotel” and as one of the top attractions in Paris. Leatham’s influence and career flourished, and today, guests can see the “Jeff Leatham effect” at some of the world’s most glamorous events, from exclusive private parties to weddings. Now as the Hotel’s Artistic Director, Leatham brings his talent and creativity to all corners of the Hotel.

Eric Beaumard, Sommelier

What I find truly rewarding is when a client leaves the restaurant with the feeling that time has stopped.

Eric Beaumard Sommelier
Eric Beaumard credits his grandparents with sparking his interest in gastronomy, inheriting their appetite for finding the perfect harmony between food and wine. At age 14, he took on an apprenticeship as a cook, before a severe motorbike accident hampered his career as a chef. Undeterred, Beaumard switched his focus to wine. By age 20, he had reinvented himself as a sommelier, soon receiving a string of awards, including Best Sommelier of France and Europe and a silver medal at the World’s Best Sommelier Competition. He is responsible for creating our Le Cinq restaurant’s breathtaking 50,000-bottle wine cellar, overseeing its day-to-day operations since its opening in 1999.