The Original GREEN PEEL is a medically developed herbal peel from Germany by dermatologist Dr. med. Christine Schrammek. This corrective treatment aims to improve the overall health and appearance on the skin, addressing a wide range of concerns including sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne and skin texture. During the treatment, a curated blend of herbal plant extracts rich enzymes, minerals, and vitamins is worked into the skin through a pressure-based massage. The intensive effect of each of the herbs results in a better supply of oxygen to the skin cells, activating their metabolism and naturally accelerating renewal. With three treatment methods available. GREEN PEEL a non-invasive, acid-free solution to rejuvenate almost all skin types.
Note: Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice. Sales tax as currently mandated by New York City and State will be added to the cost of each treatment. A mandatory charge equal to 20% of the cost of each treatment will be added and will be distributed to the service staff as a gratuity.