Dine under the vaulted, wooden ceiling or have lunch on the outside terrace while admiring Alpine views at La Dame de Pic – Le 1920. Anne-Sophie Pic, the world’s most Michelin-distinguished female chef, imagines a new culinary experience with Savoyard produce and her signature quest for new, complex flavour combinations.


The restaurant will be happy to see you in December with a new menu highlighting once again the sumptuousness of our terroir.

Signature Dishes

  • Savoyard Berlingot dish in white bowl
    The Savoyard Berlingot
  • Creamy onion soup garnished with brightly coloured vegetable pieces and flowers in white bowl
    Onion Royal from Cévennes
  • Arctic Char dish in a pool of sauce on white scalloped plate
    Artic Char from Charles Murgat
  • Royal Gala Apple Dessert with accompaniments on white scalloped dish
    Royal Gala Apple
  • Le Mille-Feuille dessert with accompaniments in white bowl
    Le Mille-feuille


Portrait photo of La Dame de Pic Executive Chef Anne-Sophie dressed in white blouse

Anne-Sophie Pic

Executive Chef
The most decorated Michelin-distinguished female chef in the world, Anne-Sophie’s signature style is not one that comes from a single dish, but from her imaginative approach combining complex scents and flavours.

“I enjoy introducing our customers to new taste sensations and exploring more unusual cooking methods, to create dishes that are rich in powerful and unexpected flavours.”

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