Visiting Masters

  • A portrait of Visiting Master Ryko Kalinko striking a healing post with the sun shining brightly behind him
    MARCH 1 – 31, 2020


    Ryko has taught wellness practices to thousands, including Hollywood celebrities, international sports stars and Fortune 500 CEOs, and instructed countless more in meditation, tai chi, yoga and dance. Uniting western and eastern approaches to healing (including kahuna, remedial massage, acupressure, reflexology, polarity therapy, shiatsu and reiki) his techniques are truly one of a kind.

Guided Chi Healing, Qigong, Lifestyle Coaching and Body Work
A combination of massage and guided meditation, this amazing technique teaches individuals how to use their mind to command the energy within their body. The result? A life-long tool that can be used for everything from pain management to increased vitality.
Available Treatments
Elixir Flow Yoga: A fast-moving practice designed to improve energy flow through the body Yin Yoga: A deeply relaxing yoga session with a focus on stillness within individual poses Tai Chi Qigong: Combining breathing exercises with mindful movement Meditation Practices: Including from various traditions, including Buddhist, Yogic and Taoist Self-healing Techniques: Discover the healing power that lies within our minds and hands Signature Private Healing Sessions: Guided Chi Healing | Remedial bodywork for chronic pain relief | Reiki | Reflexology | Kahuna Bodywork Private Wellness Session: A personal tailored approach ensuring a one-on-one focus

  • July 1 – 31, 2020

    Vipin Raj

    Born into a family of traditional Ayurvedic practitioners, Vipin was immersed in all facets of healing and wellbeing from a young age. Having honed his family-taught skills at leading Ayurvedic institutions throughout India, he has spent the past 25 years integrating his innate sixth sense and healing power into tailored treatments and lifestyle consultations. Vipin specialises in meditation, sign observation, astral travel and astrology. He works closely with individuals to help resolve obstacles and bring physical, mental and spiritual well being, clearing the way for greater success both professionally and personally.

Marma Healing, Chakra Balancing & Energy Readings
Do you want to resolve obstacles and clear the way for greater success? Discover the extraordinary abilities of marma healer, Vipin, to reset your life, beginning with a complimentary, no-obligation lifestyle consultation.
Lifestyle Consultation: As a healing practitioner of 25 years, discover how Vipin can help you from skin to spirit. Yoga Nidra Meditation: Experience a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping; the deepest form of relaxation with meditative consciousness to help release stress and rejuvenate the mind. Energy Reading & Healing Sessions (Tailored to individual needs): from balancing inner energy to strengthening external subtle energies – with the aim of removing obstacles to improve personal and professional success. Marma Massage with Chakra Balancing: Experience this rare body alignment technique, undertaken by only a few practitioners worldwide. Having acquired the necessary skills from a renowned master in Kerala, Vipin combines chakra balancing with massage to provide exceptional recovery for the body.

  • OCTOBER 1 – 30, 2020


    Rashdy was born into a family of healers: his father was a medicine man; his mother a traditional midwife; and his grandfather practices traditional cupping with buffalo horn. He studied under many traditional healers from a young age and started treating people at the age of 16. He gives sessions around the world and is aptly known as ‘The Healing Hand.’

Discover the energetic power of Rashdy, a remarkable individual whose therapies are elevated by his unique healing hands and heart. Intuitive in his approach, Rashdy offers Cupping Rituals, Energy Healing and Therapeutic Healing Massage, with each session going beyond the physical to a place of wellbeing like no other.
Cupping Ritual: Practiced for centuries to release stiffness, draw out toxins, reduce pain/inflammation and improve circulation. Energy Healing: Combines Nur or spiritual power (an energy without time frame or borders inherent within all individuals), Reiki and vibrational energy healing (through Imara Reiki) to resolve physical, mental and emotional blockages. Therapeutic Healing Massage: Deep tissue massage combined with energy healing to manipulate soft tissue, ease musculoskeletal issues, and provide psychological relief (relaxation, confidence and reduced anxiety).