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A Tropicsurf surfari aboard our Four Seasons Explorer is undoubtedly the world’s premier surfing cruise. Picture it: Five-star service and style, expert guides, chasing the best wave conditions, catching secluded swells, riding remote breaks and experiencing the Maldives’ vast and ever-changing, awe-inspiring seascapes.

How to Catch a Wave

Surf Cruises
Surfaris are seven or 10 days – shared or private charters – during July and August when surf conditions are at their peak. Setting sail from Four Seasons Resort at Kuda Huraa, surfing enthusiasts will visit rarely surfed breaks in the Outer Atolls, accompanied by two expert Tropicsurf guides, enabling the group to split in two, based on wave preferences and personal ability. It’s a recreational surfer’s dream – diverse, yet reliable, waves give the option to challenge oneself, hone skills, or simply cruise and enjoy the ride. No experience is necessary, either: It’s the perfect opportunity to learn. Surf Cruises are available on select dates. Book through Tropicsurf via email or +61 7 5455 4129
Beyond the Break
Travelling with a non-surfing partner? There are plenty of parallel activities to keep partners busy and “blissed out," too: snorkelling, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, waterskiing, deep-sea fishing, island sightseeing, beach barbecues and deserted-island massages.
The Perfect Wave
Sophisticated web forecasting allows the team to determine swell and wind forecasts accurately. The complex bathymetry of the atolls means there are often hidden gems that others simply do not know about. The result: surfers get to visit remote regions, ride pure and uncrowded waves, and experience the spirit and true freedom of surfing at its sublime and soulful best.
Surfing Champions Trophy
Every August, Four Seasons Explorer plays host to the world’s most luxurious surfing event: the Surfing Champions Trophy (SCT). With day passes for guests to enjoy all the action on-board, it’s a rare opportunity to share an exclusive “surf tour” experience with six of the sport’s biggest names. A few VIP-ticket holders also get the opportunity to join the competitors on Four Seasons Explorer for all the ocean-sprayed, up-close-and-personal action as the contest unfolds.
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