Sip city-inspired cocktails crafted by our team led by the ever-imaginative Sandro Pimenta, presenting new signature specials monthly that celebrate the local ingredients, seasons, heritage and culture of the Portuguese capital and its surrounding area.
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  • deep purple cocktail in saucer champagne glass garnished with fruit spear and lime twist, beside spray perfume bottle with deep purple liquid inside
  • three white wine spritzers in crystal glasses, garnished with grapefruit slice and rosemary sprig

Monthly DRINKS

Feel the blending of Japanese and Portuguese cultures while sipping our sake-based June speciality, a fusion of flavours inspired by our very own O Japonês restaurant.
Prepare for zesty citrus flavours with our fruit-infused, golden-hued July drink that pays homage to Poncha (a distilled alcohol nectar made from sugar cane juice and golden honey that originated among the rugged hills of the volcanic Portuguese archipelago of Madeira). Served with Madeiran sweet bread, “bolo do caco.”
Take tea with a boozy twist with this August brew, a celebration of goreana tea cultivated on the Açores Island (São Miguel), the oldest tea plantation in Europe, dating back to 1883. Forget what you’ve learned about tea only being a British tradition – it was introduced to them by Catherine of Braganza, who became queen upon marrying King Charles II.
Sip September’s honeyed joy marking the 111th anniversary of Moscatel wine from Setubal, just beyond Lisbon across the Tagus river. Join the tour to explore the stretch of award-winning Arrábida vineyards spanning valleys, coasts and limestone hills, before returning to savour it in cocktail form, blended with mandarin, grape, apricot and caramel.
Try October’s artisanal delight that takes inspiration from the creations of Portuguese modern artist Almada Neigreiros, whose famous centaur tapestries greet guests in the Hotel’s lobby – one of a vast in-house collections discoverable via a dedicated art app.
Celebrate our iconic Hotel’s 60th anniversary in November with a sparkling cocktail reminiscent of the Hotel’s opening party in 1959. “It was a huge affair that had the whole of Lisbon talking,” General Manager Guilherme Costa shares.
Surrender to decadence with our Christmas cocktail. Paired with Portugal’s “bolo rei” (king’s cake), this crowning glory to the year of monthly cocktails promises an intriguing blend of crystallized and dried fruit, among other seasonal ingredients.