Steamed Lobster & Egg Whites with Mustard & Crab Roe Sauce
Chinese Executive Chef Mai Zhi Xiong
Yu Yue Heen, Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

As you look to the festive season, we invite you to reunite with loved ones over your shared passion for food and drink – through unique epicurean creations from our acclaimed culinary teams. With 28 Michelin stars among them, our craftspeople conceive Masterdishes, exclusive culinary gems. Savour them together as you celebrate the holidays this season.
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What Makes a Masterdish?

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  • General Manager Nga Ly-Henschen

    Capa GinTonic

    Key lime, juniper berries, raspberry, gala apple and marigold add intrigue to a classic gin and tonic, inspired by the warm Spanish pastime of sharing drinks and tapas with family and friends.
  • Chef Alan Taudon

    Avocado & Cabbage Millefeuille

    Looking no further than to his wife’s Central American roots for inspiration, Taudon devised his complex, smoky vegetarian dish to creatively recreate – and share – his sensorial experiences through Mexico.
  • Chef Eren Guryel

    The Long Bone

    A media sensation for its imposing size, the dry-aged 52-ounce rib-eye presents a shareable dish that’s undoubtedly made for reunion. Guryel uses only top-quality ingredients in simple preparation – and a rub that’ll remain a secret.
  • Beverage Manager Lorenzo Antinori

    ARGO Martini

    With a respect for the classic yet with an artisanal twist, Antinori elevates his cocktail with ARGO’s own gin, in-house distilled water and lemon verbena tea for a citrusy-savoury profile unlike any other.
  • Chef de Cuisine Jeffrey Zeng

    Tuna Tartare

    Zeng looked to the ocean – and a video of deep-fried air – to create his transparent tuna canapé, then made it gem-like with flavour-bursting trimmings: edible flowers, crystal bread and Kaluga caviar.
  • Pastry Sous Chef Kevin Levionnois

    Macaron Ispahan

    Equally as delicious as it is beautiful, Levionnois’ seasonally inspired, reimagined macaron tantalizes with Rubis chocolate, lychee, raspberries and lime compote – lending a sweet finish to the most precious gatherings.
  • Head Bartender Keith Motsi

    Tahitian Unicorn

    Imagining namesake Charles H arriving in 1931 Tahiti, Motsi pondered what he may have seen – exotic fruits, colourful flowers, fantastic creatures – and concocted his mystical tipple to let guests sip the journey.
  • Sous Chef Alessio Pirozzi

    Lobster & Mascarpone Tortelli

    Using quintessentially Italian and Asian elements – basil, garlic oil, chilli powder, dill leaves, yuzu juice – Pirozzi’s elevated pasta dish surprises even the most discerning palates, eliciting true emotion.
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Where will your curiosity – and palate – take you? Be inspired by fellow gastronomic travellers, then share your own Masterdish moments.

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