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Woman holds TRX band that connected to tree outside with sun shining
You’re headed towards a beach vacation and you want to feel your best. With Total Beach Body, celebrity trainer and Four Seasons Global Fitness Advisor Harley Pasternak shares two workout routines – designed to target the upper body and the lower body – to help you feel your best at the beach.
Dumbbells and TRX band

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Male trainer kneels next to woman doing a lying hip thrust indoors on carpet
The Harley -

For his namesake exercise, Harley Pasternak combines two of his favourite moves into one easy exercise that targets not only your posterior chain muscles but also the back of your arms. In this video, he goes over the techniques behind each of The Harley’s three phases. By combining a regular hip thrust with a lying dumbbell triceps extension, this exercise engages your glutes, lower back, core, quads, hamstrings and triceps.

Woman holds dumbbells with arms out to sides
Dumbbell Shoulder Lateral Raise -

One of Harley's favourite shoulder exercises focuses on the deltoids, the muscles at the upper part of your arms that round over the top of your shoulders. Here, Harley goes over the proper technique for a dumbbell shoulder lateral raise, as well as some tips and tricks to make sure you’re engaging the right muscles.

Male trainer assists man doing a reverse incline exercise with weights outside next to palm trees
Reverse Incline Row -

Designed to target your rhomboid muscles – the muscles in your upper back between your shoulder blades – a reverse incline row is a simple exercise that is performed with dumbbells and an adjustable bench, which you’ll find in any Four Seasons fitness centre. In this video, Harley goes over how to execute this exercise properly, as well as some tips and tricks for a more effective workout.

Man holds turquoise dumbbells in hands, preparing to press arms up above head
Dumbbell Curl Press -

With a dumbbell curl press, you’ll be training not just your biceps, but your deltoids (the main shoulder muscles) and your brachioradiales (forearms) as well. Here, Harley demonstrates the two targeted movements that make the curl press so time efficient and effective.

Male trainer kneels next to man on ground with dumbbells in hands
Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension -

If you want to tone your entire upper arm and not just the biceps, then the lying dumbbell triceps extension is the exercise for you. In this how-to video, Harley Pasternak explains how to properly execute this move, as well as some tips and tricks for increasing the intensity.

Male trainer stands next to woman doing stiff leg exercise outside on tennis court
Stiff Leg Dead lift -

You use your hamstrings for walking, running, jumping – anything that involves moving your legs. Because of this, a pulled hamstring is one of the most common muscle injuries, which is precisely why training them to stay strong and healthy is so important. When we’re on vacation, we tend to spend more time relaxing, but we also tend to get more active when we’re playing with kids on the beach, swimming and generally having fun outside. Watch as Harley goes over how to execute a stiff leg dead lift to target your hamstrings (and your glutes) so that your legs can be ready for anything.

Male trainer performs a skater lunge next to woman on outdoor wooden deck
Skater Lunge -

Unlike a normal lunge, a skater lunge has you stepping back and across your body, similar to the movement of your legs when you glide across the ice on a pair of skates. This little twist engages your glutes, quadriceps and your core even more than a traditional lunge. Here, Harley shows you how to properly execute the skater lunge. Tip: Don't let your back knee go too far to the side; make sure you drop it down right behind your front heel.

Male trainer assists a woman holding TRX straps, outside next to ocean
TRX Favourites -

A TRX suspension strap is one of celebrity trainer and Four Seasons Global Fitness Advisor Harley Pasternak’s favourite pieces of equipment. Why? It’s just so incredibly versatile. You’ll find these straps in any Four Seasons fitness centre, and the beauty of the TRX is that you can use it just about anywhere you can anchor it securely. In this how-to video, Harley goes over three of his favourite exercises using the TRX: the row, hamstring curl and a variation on a plank.

Male trainer stands next to man doing chest exercise with free weights outside
Dumbbell Chest Press -

How you approach a flat dumbbell chest press is just as important as the exercise itself. In this how-to video, celebrity trainer and Four Seasons Global Fitness Advisor Harley Pasternak goes over how to properly begin, execute and finish this popular chest workout. Performed on a flat bench with two dumbbells, this chest press primarily works your triceps and your pectoralis major muscles (upper and lower pecs), as well as your deltoids.

Two men do squats together outside on tennis court by palm trees
Jump Squats -

Jump squats are deceptively simple, but this high-intensity exercise is guaranteed to not only work your quads but also to have your heart pumping and your whole body feeling the effects – no fitness equipment required. Watch Harley's step-by-step breakdown of how to get into the proper position, where to distribute your weight and how to hold your body as you jump up and down to tone and strengthen your legs

Male trainer stands next to woman doing a leg stretch outside
The Home Stretch -

“One of my favourite stretching routines is actually done on an adjustable bench,” says Harley. In this how-to video, Harley shares a simple yet effective routine you can perform after any workout to release the tension in your hamstrings, glutes, hips, adductors and hip flexors. Starting on one side, hold each pose for 20 to 30 seconds (and try not to bounce!), then repeat on the other side.