Fit with Four Seasons
A man stands on helicopter pad speaking to camera in workout clothes
Have a hard time getting motivated to visit the hotel gym? We’re here to encourage you. This fitness routine, designed by celebrity trainer and Four Seasons Global Fitness Advisor Harley Pasternak, uses his favourite Four Seasons fitness centre equipment – the dual cable pulley, TRX, treadmill and elliptical machines – and he gives the tips and training to go with them.
Dual cable pulley, TRX, treadmill and elliptical machines

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A man exercises with pulley cables in outdoor gym
Dual Cable Pulley -

What makes the dual cable pulley so special? Its versatility. With two cables and two separate weight stacks, you can train using both of the cables at the same time, or one at a time, or even take off the D-grips and use a variety of handles and attachments to target different parts of your body. In this video, Harley reviews the different techniques for using the dual cable pulley, as well as show you how to do a few simple exercises using the machine.

A male trainer kneels next to man doing TRX exercise in plank position in outdoor gym
TRX Suspension Strap -

At Four Seasons fitness centres, you’re very likely to come across a TRX suspension strap: a long strap with two handles, usually hanging from a piece of equipment. This versatile piece is designed to fit a variety of body sizes and shapes, and it allows you to use a percentage of your own body weight as resistance. In this how-to video, Harley goes over three of his favourite things to do with the TRX suspension strap: a back row, a hamstring curl and a pike plank.

A male trainer stands next to woman on elliptical machine in outdoor gym
Treadmill and Elliptical -

The treadmill and elliptical are two classic pieces of fitness equipment for good reason. “Here’s what I love about treadmills,” says Harley. “You don’t have to be in the mindset of working out. You can come down with a book and be OK walking slowly on a treadmill, all the way up to feeling like you want to attack the world and do wind sprints on an incline.” You can be intense or you can take it easy, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Male trainer stands next to woman doing a leg stretch outside
The Home Stretch -

“One of my favourite stretching routines is actually done on an adjustable bench,” says Harley. In this how-to video, Harley shares a simple yet effective routine you can perform after any workout to release the tension in your hamstrings, glutes, hips, adductors and hip flexors. Starting on one side, hold each pose for 20 to 30 seconds (and try not to bounce!), then repeat on the other side.