It’s a wet, wet world in Lanai, and sea-loving adventurers can dive right in. The waters off Hulopoe Beach, just steps from the Resort, are a protected marine preserve. Further out, spinner dolphins – named for their elegant, twirling leaps – and humpback whales thrive. Hulopoe Bay is also one of Hawaii’s top snorkelling destinations, with vibrant coral reefs and underwater lava formations that house a rich aquatic ecosystem. Dip below the gentle surface to swim nose to nose with angelfish and spot shy Hawaiian green sea turtles. You can also venture farther afield on a three-hour sailing excursion to Lanai’s other prime snorkelling sites, which rank among the world’s best.

Divers of all experience levels can suit up on Lanai. Beginners should opt for a single-tank introductory beach dive in Hulopoe Bay. More experienced divers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to discover the world-renowned Cathedrals. Visibility is exceptional in the area, which features lava tubes and several chambers and passageways at a depth of up to 70 feet (21 metres). The hardened lava ceiling of the largest cavern is naturally perforated, allowing sunlight to beam through, creating the effect of a stained-glass window – hence the name of this famous diving locale.

Those who wish a drier experience of Lanai’s splendid seas can take advantage of the island’s many boating opportunities. Glide atop the Pacific during a deep-sea fishing excursion, where you’ll cast lines for mahi mahi, wahoo and yellowfin tuna. For a romantic start to the evening, set out at sunset, when spinner dolphin sightings peak, for a smooth two-hour sail.

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