With a language filled with words for the serenity that occurs when you connect with your surroundings, Japanese culture has the healing power of nature at its heart. Immerse yourself in cultural experiences that open the mind, lift the spirits and ground you in the beauty of the present moment.
The Sanctuary of our Twelfth Century Shakusei-en Pond Garden
Wander winding paths accompanied by nothing but the sounds of nature and the ripple of your thoughts across calm waters. Find the time and space to meditate or salute the sun as it rises over our ancient pond garden.
The Art of Tea Ceremonies
Discover Japan’s most revered ancient tradition in our private Tea Room – an intimate enclave for up to five guests – hidden deep in our ancient pond garden.
An Evening with Geisha
Gain a thrilling insight into the captivating world of Kyoto’s geishas (called “geiko” in Kyoto) with an evening of traditional entertainment in one of Kyoto’s historical hanamachi (“flower towns”) or at our own Tea House.
UNESCO Heritage Sites
Connect to the history of the past and awaken the inspiration of the future with guided visits to some of Kyoto’s 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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