Celebrate the seasons in Four Seasons way through wellness activities available only at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto. Push the boundaries of possibility, peace and personal well-being with energy-awakening experiences rooted in the interconnectedness of all. Seasonal swathes of delicate pinks, fresh greens, fiery reds and snow-kissed whites mark the passage of time in our pond garden, Shakusui-en – a beautiful reminder of the universe’s transient nature.
Private Zen Yoga or Zen Meditation in a 12th Century Pond Garden
Get physical with Zen yoga on the Tea House terrace amid lush greenery and rippling ponds while mastering a unique series of postures and breathing exercises or a Zen meditation, both designed to foster a deeper mind-body-nature connection. This extraordinary hands-on session is heightened by the surrounding wonder of the Hotel’s 800-year-old pond garden; a 5-acre (217,800-square-foot) haven immortalized in the epic twelfth-century poem, ‘The Tale of Heike.’
Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing)
Discover the traditional Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku or ”forest therapy” – an opportunity to connect mindfully with the senses and immerse yourself in the healing power of nature. As sunlight filters through the treetops, the renewed sense of clarity and vitality is a wonder in itself. As little as thirty minutes spent forest bathing can bring renewed sense of clarity and vitality.
Sunrise Energizing
Rise with the sun for a jog led by our Hotel staff along Kamogawa River or rent a bike with our Concierge. Cycle past Kyoto’s tranquil UNESCO temples and through Gion’s atmospheric streets, oxygenating the body and lifting the spirits.
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