Food that’s mindfully prepared and bursting with seasonal flavour fuels the body and promotes an internal balance with nature. That’s why our menus are packed with the finest local seasonal ingredients, prepared fresh each day by our passionate team.
Cuisine without Compromise
History, culture and modern flair convene in the kitchen, where Kyoto’s foodie scene is elevated with healthy twists and thoughtful combinations that delight the palate and promote better health.
The Abundance of Kyoto
We source from local fish markets and farms with some of the country’s leading producers to infuse all menus with sustainable, seasonal goodness.
Discover an Authentic Japanese breakfast at Brasserie
Our Japanese Breakfast set at Brasserie allows you to immerse yourself in Japan’s rich culinary culture and discover how the country’s many centenarians start their day. Featuring a health-boosting combination of power-packed protein, rice and flavourful fermented foods, Japanese breakfasts have the perfect blend of ingredients to energise you until lunchtime.
Cleanse, Reset and Restore
Clean culinary energy comes as standard across all our restaurants and in-room dining menus thanks to healthful options that reflect the latest nutritional science – including gluten-, dairy- and refined-sugar-free selections.
Feeling Well with Itadakimasu­
Adopt a new gratitude practice by saying itadakimasu­ (“I humbly receive”) before each meal, part of the healthier options offered across all Hotel menus.
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