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Due to COVID-19, our operating hours are frequently changing per the latest local regulations. For the most updated status, please check our Welcome Back Page.

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Holistic Healing

Carefully designed packages deliver elegant escapism.


어드밴스드 트리트먼트로 젊고 완벽한 피부를 되찾으세요.


다양한 선택이 가능한 힐링 마사지로 피로를 회복하고 기운을 재충전하세요.


포시즌스 홍콩의 스파에서 전신 제모 및 눈썹 염색 서비스를 제공합니다.

네일 바

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Seasonal Specials

Experience our special spa offerings throughout the year.



Achieve a greater sense of balance and focus, learn how to deal effectively with daily stresses and optimize energy levels with guided mediations, breathwork and lifestyle consultation with our resident practitioner Dr. Tania Bardhan.

Gong Baths and Vibrational sound therapy

Introducing Vibrational Sound Therapy at the Spa that incorporates time-honored techniques of singing bowls and gongs in a guided meditation led by our resident wellness masters. Book your private session with Cheryl Rodriguez or join our group classes with our in-house masters to experience a deep state of relaxation and transform your inner energies for a balanced mind and body.

mindfulness workshops

Learn and practise intense mindfulness and the art of being present in every moment with our Mindful Mala Making and Mandala art workshops.

Tai Chi

There’s no better way to energize your body each morning than with the ancient Chinese art of tai chi. And if you want to try it for the first time, there’s no better place than overlooking Victoria Harbour with our resident tai chi master.


Try a private yoga class to perfect the basics or expand your practice.

Woman doing "tree pose" yoga on a walkway in between two pools

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Resident Healers

A series of experiences with in-house and visiting wellness experts to help you achieve a more balanced and present state of mind.

Portrait photo of Tania Bardhan sitting in chair against wood wall


Tania is a qualified homeopath, acupuncturist and Reiki therapist with more than 20 years of wellness experience on Yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. She loves to help guests achieve more balance, clear focus, better sleep and manage anxiety using breathwork drawn from Pranayama and meditative techniques like Yoga Nidra and Chakra meditation. She also weaves in wellness consultations on diet and lifestyle with her guests to achieve maximum results.

Portrait photo of Cheryl Rodriguez with steel drum

Cheryl Rodriguez

Allow sound to surround and ground you. Calm your mind from the hectic urban lifestyle with harmonic vibrations by sound healer, Cheryl Rodriguez. An expert in soothing the senses with gongs, Rodriguez’s “music” promotes a deeper meditative state, stillness of the mind, balancing of the chakras, and relaxation of the body in her session of sound meditation.

Kate Whitehead, a TRE specialist at Four Seasons Hong Kong, sits on a chair with artwork hanging on a wall

Kate Whitehead

Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE) is a simple yet innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress and tension. The exercises safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking that releases muscular tension and calms the body. After doing TRE, many people report feelings of peace and well-being. Reported benefits include less worry and anxiety, better sleep, less relationship conflict and reduced muscle and back pain. Kate is a qualified psychotherapist and TRE provider and is on the TRE Board of Directors. One-hour private session: HKD 2,500 plus 10%, One-hour group session: HKD 980 plus 10% per person.


  • Two women sit on mats, stretch in yoga poses in front of wall mirror in Fitness Centre

    Keeping fit and staying healthy go hand in hand. Our goal is to keep the flow of a healthy lifestyle alive with the most sought-after gym and fitness experts available to ensure your well-being and fitness.



페이스북 프로모션
연말연시 축제 한마당

즐거운 연말연시를 맞아 특별히 선보이는 기념품과 쇼핑 할인 혜택, IFC 몰의 Orient Express 투어, 패밀리 액티비티 등 다채로운 프로그램을 지금 만나보세요.

Back view of woman meditating on wood bench on deck high above hotel pool, patio, harbour
  • 유효기간: 2021 년 12 월 1 일 – 2022 년 1 월 10 일

포함 내역

  • 2인 조식
  • 만 5~11세 아동을 위한 조식 50% 할인 혜택
  • 월요일~목요일 숙박 시: 체크인 시 객실 상황에 따라 가능한 경우 한 단계 높은 등급으로 객실 업그레이드 (스위트 제외)
  • 특별한 기념품을 엄선한 ‘All Things Four Seasons’ 크리스마스 구디 백 1개
  • 스파클링 와인 1병
  • 차량 1대 야간 주차료 특가 적용 (HKD 450)
  • 2021년 12월 9일부터 23일까지 오전 11시 IFC 몰 내 ‘Orient Express is Coming to Town’ 크리스마스 특별 프라이빗 그룹 투어 (사전 예약 필수, 선착순 제공)
  • IFC몰 입점 일부 매장의 특별 쇼핑 혜택
  • 2021년 12월 1일부터 2022년 1월 9일 사이 숙박 시: 객실을 추가로 예약하는 경우 두 번째 객실에 20% 할인 적용 (자세한 내용은 호텔에 직접 문의)
  • 월요일~목요일 스파 트리트먼트 10% 할인 (제품 구매 시 할인 적용 불가, 상황에 따라 제공되지 않을 수 있음, 사전 예약 필수)
  • 상시 제공되는 아동 전용 혜택:
  • 키즈 플레이룸 및 Logitech 카 레이서 플레이스테이션 무료 이용 (사전 예약 필수)
  • 호텔 내 비밀 장소를 탐험하는 물건 찾기 게임 (게임 완료 후 선물 증정)
  • 가이드와 함께하는 객실 내 가상 액티비티, 보드 게임 및 Nintendo Switch (요청 시 제공되며 상황에 따라 제공되지 않을 수 있음)
  • 2021년 12월 1일부터 12월 17일까지 포시즌스 키즈 프로그램 이용 혜택
  • 2021년 12월 18일부터 2022년 1월 9일까지 연말연시 특별 키즈 프로그램 이용 혜택
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