• Woman lies on massage table, closes eyes. rests head on arms as spa staff massages back
This therapy draws on the ancient art of using floral essential oils infused with gemstone energy to induce relaxation and increase energy levels. Long massage strokes along the spine using specific gemstone oils help elevate the energy levels – garnet boosts grounding at the feet while amethyst calms the mind. A 12-point crystal wand marma massage follows to release facial tension and open the crown chakra. Four energetically attuned gemstone oils are drizzled on the spine to restore balance of mind, body and soul.
All year round
Time of Day
morning, afternoon, evening
90 min, 120 min
From THB 6800 /person
Price List
90 min
Adults THB 6,800
120 min
Adults THB 7,800

Things To Know

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